PC Tool Internet Security 2009 License For 1 Year for Free

PC Tool Internet Security 2009 License For 1 Year for Free 1

PC Tools Internet Security Suite 2009 features the award winning antivirus, anti spyware, firewall and spam protection that can protect your pc from viruses, hackers, spywares and spam. Main Features : * PC Tools Internet Security Suite offers powerful anti-spyware, anti-virus, firewall and spam protection in one application.

Problem with site layout – Bear with me

just making this post to inform you all that ..as many of you may have felt that the site layout is having some error with the two columns at right being shown below the first column.I am aware of this and trying to fix it…cant figure out why its happening as everything was all right before i started to move to my new domain.Just bear with me till i m able to fix it.Most probably it will be fixed when the domain transfer is completed from blogspot to my new domain https://avinashtech.com.

Gmail Integrates Task List, Keeps You Organized

The new feature can associate emails with tasks and create multiple to-do lists.To activate Gmail Tasks, you will have to go to Settings/Labs in your Gmail account and right at the top you will find the Tasks module.

Site Now moved to new domain www.avinashtech.com

This post is different from all other post.Today i just got a new domain for the site and its now been moved to https://avinashtech.com and hence its got a unique and better identity on the web.From now on you can access the site my typing https://avinashtech.com in address bar of your web browser.New domain name will provide a better identity to the site.Hence i request all of you to update your bookmarks even though old address will still work.Thank you everyone who keep coming here.

Windows Vista Service Pack 2 Beta Direct Download Links

Microsoft Windows Vista Service Pack 2 Beta is officially out now for public downloading, the latest release features major Hotfixes and security Updates for the operating system, Vista SP2 adds support for new hardware devices, improves certain administration tasks and addresses reliability and performance issues.The following download will work on only English, French, German, Japanese or Spanish language Windows Vista installations, the download is valid for both Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008.Windows Vista SP2 BETA Direct Download Links : Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 32-Bit (X86) – 434 MB Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 64-Bit (x64) – 726 MB DVD ISO For Windows Vista &

Free ONSPEED Web Accelerator One Year Premium Subscription worth $49

Free ONSPEED Web Accelerator One Year Premium Subscription worth $49 2

In one of my previous post i had talked about free license for Kaspersky Anti-Virus being offered by YuvaYantra and now they are offering 100% free genuine one year license for ONSPEED Web Accelerator, the popular web-acceleration software from ONSPEED offers upto 10x speed gain on Dial-up connection and upto 5x on Broadband connection achieved using proxy based compression.ONSPEED offers a unique, patented technology called Advanced Imaging, enabling you to receive fully viewable and instantly usable web pages, while maintaining the maximum quality of images.

Keyboard Shortcuts – Microsoft Office

Grow Font One Point CTRL+] Hanging Indent CTRL+T Header Footer Link ALT+SHIFT+R Help F1 Hidden CTRL+SHIFT+H Hyperlink CTRL+K Indent CTRL+M Italic CTRL+I or CTRL+SHIFT+I Justify Para CTRL+J Left Para CTRL+L Line Down DOWN Line Down Extend SHIFT+DOWN Line Up UP Line Up Extend SHIFT+UP List Num Field ALT+CTRL+L Lock Fields CTRL+3 or CTRL+F11 Macro ALT+F8 Mail Merge Check ALT+SHIFT+K Mail Merge Edit Data Source ALT+SHIFT+E Mail Merge to Doc ALT+SHIFT+N Mail Merge to Printer ALT+SHIFT+M Mark Citation ALT+SHIFT+I Mark Index Entry ALT+SHIFT+X Mark Table of Contents Entry ALT+SHIFT+O Menu Mode F10 Merge Field ALT+SHIFT+F Microsoft Script Editor ALT+SHIFT+F11 Microsoft System Info ALT+CTRL+F1 Move Text F2 New CTRL+N Next Cell TAB Next Field F11 or ALT+F1 Next Misspelling ALT+F7 Next Object ALT+DOWN Next Window CTRL+F6 or ALT+F6 Normal ALT+CTRL+N Normal Style CTRL+SHIFT+N or ALT+SHIFT+CLEAR (NUM 5) Open CTRL+O or CTRL+F12 or ALT+CTRL+F2 Open or Close Up Para CTRL+0 Other Pane F6 or SHIFT+F6 Outline ALT+CTRL+O Outline Collapse ALT+SHIFT+- or ALT+SHIFT+NUM – Outline Demote ALT+SHIFT+RIGHT Outline Expand ALT+SHIFT+= Outline Expand ALT+SHIFT+NUM + Outline Move Down ALT+SHIFT+DOWN Outline Move Up ALT+SHIFT+UP Outline Promote ALT+SHIFT+LEFT Outline Show First Line ALT+SHIFT+L Overtype INSERT Page ALT+CTRL+P Page Break CTRL+ENTER Page Down PAGE DOWN Page Down Extend SHIFT+PAGE DOWN Page Field ALT+SHIFT+P Page Up PAGE UP Page Up Extend SHIFT+PAGE UP Para Down CTRL+DOWN Para Down Extend CTRL+SHIFT+DOWN Para Up CTRL+UP Para Up Extend CTRL+SHIFT+UP Paste CTRL+V or SHIFT+INSERT Paste Format CTRL+SHIFT+V Prev Cell SHIFT+TAB Prev Field SHIFT+F11 or ALT+SHIFT+F1 Prev Object ALT+UP Prev Window CTRL+SHIFT+F6 or ALT+SHIFT+F6 Print CTRL+P or CTRL+SHIFT+F12 Print Preview CTRL+F2 or ALT+CTRL+I Proofing F7 Redo ALT+SHIFT+BACKSPACE Redo or Repeat CTRL+Y or F4 or ALT+ENTER Repeat Find SHIFT+F4 or ALT+CTRL+Y Replace CTRL+H Reset Char CTRL+SPACE or CTRL+SHIFT+Z Reset Para CTRL+Q Revision Marks Toggle CTRL+SHIFT+E Right Para CTRL+R Save CTRL+S or SHIFT+F12 or ALT+SHIFT+F2 Save As F12 Select All CTRL+A or CTRL+CLEAR (NUM 5) or CTRL+NUM 5 Select Table ALT+CLEAR (NUM 5) Show All CTRL+SHIFT+8 Show All Headings ALT+SHIFT+A Show Heading1 ALT+SHIFT+1 Show Heading2 ALT+SHIFT+2 Show Heading3 ALT+SHIFT+3 Show Heading4 ALT+SHIFT+4 Show Heading5 ALT+SHIFT+5 Show Heading6 ALT+SHIFT+6 Show Heading7 ALT+SHIFT+7 Show Heading8 ALT+SHIFT+8 Show Heading9 ALT+SHIFT+9 Shrink Font CTRL+SHIFT+, Shrink Font One Point CTRL+[ Small Caps CTRL+SHIFT+K Space Para1 CTRL+1 Space Para15 CTRL+5 Space Para2 CTRL+2 Spike CTRL+SHIFT+F3 or CTRL+F3 Start of Column ALT+PAGE UP Start of Column ALT+SHIFT+PAGE UP Start of Doc Extend CTRL+SHIFT+HOME Start of Document CTRL+HOME Start of Line HOME Start of Line Extend SHIFT+HOME Start of Row ALT+HOME Start of Row ALT+SHIFT+HOME Start of Window ALT+CTRL+PAGE UP Start of Window Extend ALT+CTRL+SHIFT+PAGE UP Style CTRL+SHIFT+S Subscript CTRL+= Superscript CTRL+SHIFT+= Symbol Font CTRL+SHIFT+Q Thesaurus SHIFT+F7 Time Field ALT+SHIFT+T Toggle Field Display SHIFT+F9 Toggle Master Subdocs CTRL+\ Tool SHIFT+F1 Un Hang CTRL+SHIFT+T Un Indent CTRL+SHIFT+M Underline CTRL+U or CTRL+SHIFT+U Undo CTRL+Z or ALT+BACKSPACE Unlink Fields CTRL+6 or CTRL+SHIFT+F9 Unlock Fields CTRL+4 or CTRL+SHIFT+F11 Update Auto Format ALT+CTRL+U Update Fields F9 or ALT+SHIFT+U Update Source CTRL+SHIFT+F7 VBCode ALT+F11 Web Go Back ALT+LEFT Web Go Forward ALT+RIGHT Word Left CTRL+LEFT Word Left Extend CTRL+SHIFT+LEFT Word Right CTRL+RIGHT Word Right Extend CTRL+SHIFT+RIGHT Word Underline CTRL+SHIFT+W

TuneUp Utilities 2007 Download with Free License

TuneUp Utilities 2007 Download with Free License 3

Configuring Windows can be problem for many of you when the options / configuration isnt so obvious.For many of you its quite complicated even though windows is much more user friendly than Linux.Still some may require some special software to do this so that they neednot go deep into configurations/ registry settings and all.Finding the setting you need can be frustrating.

Kaspersky Internet Security and Antivirus offline update

Kaspersky Internet Security and Antivirus offline update 4

Some friend of mine had a peculiar problem just like many of you.Many of us sometimes get caught in a situation when we need to update Kaspersky antivirus or KIS offline due to non availabilty of internet on that particular system.Many of us dont know how to update those defnitions offline.Even sometimes internet access isnot available on some systems but still need to update antivirus defnitions.Today i will be talking about how to update Kaspersky antivirus or kaspersky internet security offline.

Floola – Excellent Itunes Replacement

Floola - Excellent Itunes Replacement 5

Ever got frustrated by restrictions and less flexibility on your Itunes for managing ur Media library and doing so many other things.I m one of those guys who got fed up with Itunes and was searching for some good replacement of it.And then i found something called Floola.