Most often we talk about smartphones only and forget the basic phones which use Java for most of the extra features they may have. Browsing is one part of it and most of the Java Phones don’t come with a good browser, obviously because of so many limitations. For these Phones, Opera mini is a life saver, if an user on these Java phones want to browse the internet.

opera mini java

Opera has just released a new version of its Opera Mini browser with loads of additional features which are in fact great if you consider that we are talking about basic Java phones here.

  • Download manager: This new feature helps users control their downloads on the mobile phone. This feature comes with some advance features like Pause and resume the downloads just like some of the expensive smartphone browsers.
  • Privacy mode: If you are worried about privacy, then you should use this feature and  Opera Mini won’t save any logins or data during the browsing making it private.

Apart from these two new features, it also comes with a better look.

Opera Mini 4.5

If your phone is a bit advanced, then you can use the Opera mini 7.5, but for most of the basic Java Phones version 4.5 will run fine on them.

To install it on your phone, just visit using your existing browser and you’ll be automatically pointed to the download of the best suited version for phone.