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ABC 23: novaPDF Professional Desktop License Giveaway

This is the 23rd in series of Giveaways in Avinashtech Birthday Celebrations i.e. ABC-23. We are giving away 10 licenses of novaPDF Professional Desktop v 7  to Avtechies. I am not reviewing it here due to time constraints. We can do that sometime later. Sometime back, I did a small review of NovaPDF Pro though. Have a look at it.

Developer’s description:

novaPDF is a PDF creator for Windows that allows you to easily create PDF files (searchable and optionally PDF/A compliant).
With novaPDF, everyone from novice users to professionals can create high-quality documents in industry-standard PDF format, by simply selecting the “Print” command from virtually any application.


Universal Printing

Using novaPDF you convert to PDF any type of printable document (i.e. DOC, XLS, PPT, PUB, DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, PUBX, HTML, TXT,…), accessing its functionality through a printer driver interface.

You can create searchable PDF files and maintain the original layout by embedding fonts and using different image resolutions.


Works on both 32 and 64-bit Windows operating systems and doesn’t require 3rd party programs such as GhostScript or runtime environments like .NET Framework.

High Quality PDF files

When creating a PDF file you can have novaPDF prompt you each time where to save the PDF file, or you can define predefined auto-save settings.

PDF Security

You can secure your PDF documents by requiring others to enter a password in order to view, print or copy/paste content from the PDF.

Merge PDF Files

You can append or insert the content of the document being converted to an existing PDF file.

PDF Overlay

This allows adding the content of the document currently being printed via novaPDF as the background or foreground of an existing PDF file, with options to customize the position of that added content.

PDF Links Support

Any visible text that starts with “http://”, “www”, “mailto:”, “ftp://” or “file://” in your original document can be converted to clickable active PDF links if you choose to do so.

Send PDF via Email

Can be configured to automatically email the generated PDF files.


Thanks to Claudiu Spulber, We have Ten (10) Licenses of  novaPDF Professional Desktop to giveaway to Avtechies . The rules are simple. For being eligible to participate in contest/draw, you need to do the following:

  1. Subscribe to Avinashtech by entering your email address in the subscribe box on right sidebar of the blog or by clicking this link. Do remember to verify your email address when you get the verification email from Feedburner.
  2. Tweet it or share it on Facebook if you are twitter or Facebook user.
  3. Leave a comment below telling why you would like to have novaPDF Professional Desktop License.

PS:- Giveaway is open for next 72 hours.

About the author: A Mechanical Design Engineer by profession, but passionate about Computers, software and anything that helps to learn something new or different. Love to do things which i don’t know and dive into unknown territories.

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  • Anthony

    Wow! I really want to win this licence. I need a great PDF creator for college. Thanks for the giveaway and a great review.

  • Rich

    Count me in please.

  • Grr

    Thanks Avi,
    Please count me in. I’m a forum member as well.

    I would like to have novaPDF Professional Desktop License as it makes job easier working with pdfs, which I do every day. Also caz it works with 64-bit Windows OS, which I bought 2day..


  • Amanda

    I want one.

  • Nick

    Count me in.

  • Bob

    I need a PDF creater/viewer.

  • Philip

    One here please.

  • Eric Rondilla

    count me in. thanks!

  • teo

    I like it.
    Thank you Avi

  • ha14

    PDf creation from various sources its easy with Novapdf Pro. High quality results plus fidelity.

  • Corno

    I like NovaPDF. I have tried Sumatra, which in popular among forumtechies, but did not like its graphics. Nitro I found to be allright. ExpertPDF on the other hand, I absolutely disliked. The version of NovaPDF I used in the past required the output to be written to a virtual printer, but all other things about it I liked. Yes, I would like to have a license.

  • Avi… thnx for the giveaway…
    I am also in queue for the software as I want to use to create PDF files so easily…
    Already twitted on twitter (http://twitter.com/#!/vibhusri/status/18281690933764096) and I am already a forum member too…

  • teo

    Please count me in
    I like it.

  • CheeKH

    I would like to have novaPDF pro 7 because I have been using old version of novaPDF with windows XP. I have upgraded to windows 7 64-bit which is not compatible to the old version. The software works very well and produce pdf very fast. I can also edit the pdf like a word processor. Work like a charm. Miss it very much when I upgraded to windows 7

  • Sandeep

    Hi, novaPDF Professional Desktop v 7 is a very good software for converting files to PDF format. Must to have program.

  • Cristy_maxspeed

    Please count me in, I need this program because I tested it and is very good. I am already a subscriber.

  • Belga

    I want a license to replace the old version of the program that I have… it’s that simple !

  • shubh22

    Count me in because i need it of converting my projects in pdf.
    And it is excellent so i need it so plz count me in this also.

  • Laptop57

    I had novaPDF installed on my old PC and found it very useful. I would love to have the pro version as x-mas present for my laptop. Thanks in advance and merry X-mas to all of you!

  • Sarvajith

    very good software

  • darma

    I would like to use NovaPDF to create high quality documents for work purposes. Thanks.

  • iammohan

    really nice tool, need this one! 🙂

  • Gil

    I shared this with my Facebook friends. NovaPDF Professional Desktop is an incredible offer and very good and useful software.

    People at Avinashtech, you are great! I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!
    You manage an excellent web. Thank you for everything.

  • Kvhc128

    I would love to have a license to this software. Adobe Pro is way too expensive.

  • JCJava

    for an alternative, check out the BFO PDF Library: http://bfo.com/products/pdf/

  • Jebbrown

    I’d like to have it because I use pdf’s to create mini-books.

  • KenFalco

    I am part of a voluntary association, and I often need to manipulate PDF files. So I’d really like to win a license for novaPDF Professional Desktop.

  • Mayur Sharma

    Count me for giveaway

  • john d

    I shared on twitter and also a forum member: john d.

    Please count me as it’s would be helpful in my daily work which involved heavy use of pdfs.

    Merry Xmas!!

    john d

  • Darpan

    I’d like to have it because I use pdf’s to create mini-books

  • Toni

    I need a PDF for my business.

  • TimP

    Count me in.

  • I am using NovePDF lite for a long time as it is free through various giveaways. But it is somewhat limited. It will be nice to have access to the pro edition with more features. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • BlogWurm

    thanks for another nice xmas giveaway.
    At the moment i use a free pdf printer to convert documents to pdf.
    This has the limitation that i can’t edit pdfs later and
    isn’t very comfortable for study- and researching.
    NovaPDF closes this gap and fits more my needs with enhanced functionalities.

    So i hope to win.

    Merry Christmas & best regards

  • Winterstream

    Been using CutePDF and it’s been working OK, but would like to use NovaPDF, because I need to convert a lot of architectural drawings. Would like to see the quality difference.

  • cgcg

    Hope no late. I have used the lite version & liked it a lot.
    Please count me for the Pro version giveaway.
    I’m a forum member as cgcg.

    thanks, Cg

  • Toni

    Count me in for this great PDF and PDF company.

  • Jakub

    I use novaPDF Standard and is a very good and useful program. Fast print to PDF.
    I want to wish good luck to all 🙂

  • Jamir

    order to create and edit PDF files with higher quality and more options
    and printed directly.
    thank you for this opportunity

  • Kim

    I need a PDF creator for my IT business.

  • Erica

    Count me in.

  • Susan

    NovePDF is one of the best PDF companies out. I would love a license.

  • Mary

    Count me in for this great PDF program.

  • Kate

    Please Count me in. I really a PDF to make some documents for work.

  • Jess

    Awesome software to have. Great Review.

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