NeXuS dock : Don’t click that Start menu again!

Is double clicking a double work for you because your mouse doesn’t work properly? Or do you find it difficult to start application from desktop since your desktop is full of shortcuts?Or you need something flashy dock like Mac on your desktop? If you are facing such problems then today you will find a solution to it. The solution is NeXuS.

Winstep Nexus is a free application which can be used to start your favorite applications right from the desktop in a single click. Nexus is nothing but a dock, you can add your favorite applications to the dock and open those applications in a single click. This is similar to the dock on Macintosh. Want to see how Nexus looks? Then see the image below.

Winstep Nexus
Winstep Nexus

Apart from giving you the ease to open applications, Nexus can bring beauty to your desktop. It is very stylish. You can save your desktop space by making the shortcuts stick to the dock. Nexus is highly configurable.

Customizing Nexus
Customizing Nexus

You can decide its location whether at bottom or top or right-side or left-side. To add a shortcut to the dock, all you have to do is right-click  on the dock and select insert new dock item. You can also change the icon of the application. When you insert new dock item, you can specify a custom icon for that application. The best place to download icon packages is, you can find some stunning icon packages there.

Interested to try NeXuS? Then, download NeXuS now. It’s free.

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