Here is some good news for every iPad 2 user who is still waiting to upgrade their device to iOS 5 just because of non-availability of either a tethered or untethered Jailbreak of iOS 5 for iPad2. iPhone-Dev team member @Musclenered has just released a small youtube video which does show iPad 2 being jailbroken and working perfectly. As most iPad users are aware of the fact that for iOS 5, Jailbreaking is possible on other iOS device except iPad 2 using the tethered Jailbreak along with a additional semitethered solution which tries to achieve the fix for non availabiulity of untethered solution.

The working video shows the iPad 2 is having cydia installed and it works. Along with it, the new iOS 5 app “Newstand” being shown working along with Photobooth. @Musclenered says that still lot of work need to be done before a public release of iOS 5 jailbreak for iPad 2 is released.

The working video seems to be real as musclenerd posted iOS5 ioreg dump text file too for post-verification. If you wish to have a look at it, you can get it by here ( iOS5 ioreg dump ).

Take a look at the Quick demo of very preliminary iOS5 jailbreak on iPad2 below.

He has not given any time estimates about when the public release will be possible. But we are keeping our fingers crossed and hopefully a full working version of iOS5 jailbreak for iPAD 2 will be out. Our guess is that first it will be a tethered jailbreak for iPAd 2 and may be later we can also get a untethered Jailbreak for iPAd 2.