Often you need to lock access to your system to other users for various reasons like data privacy, security or some other reason. Usually we do that by locking access to user accounts on the system or using a password to lock specific folders or files. Today we will talk about a free tool called AppLocker that prevents specified programs from being opened by unauthorized users.

It is a small tool having a setupfile size of ~700 kB. Just download it and install it on your system. ON first run, you will notice a simple GUI with simple options.  It gives you a option to lock or unlock various applications that are installed on your system just by selecting it or deselecting it and then hitting the save button.

By default, it detects applications on your system, but if you want to add more applications to it, you can do that using the Configure option.

After you have locked any application using it, then no one will be able to run it on the system including you, unless you unlock that application from the AppLocker interface. You will get a message as shown in the screenshot below.

In short, it is a great application which does the work of locking Apps from being run on your system quite easily.

It supports Windows 2K, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows 2008 and Windows 7.

Download AppLocker from here.