I am a big fan of Gmail whenever it comes to webmail and the features available on them. I use Gmail for my personal and professional work both. The ease , convenience and tons of innovative features make it a great choice. The additional new features that keeps coming through Gmail Labs provide great addons just like Firefox addons in browser terms.

Today we will talk about some great Gmail Labs features which provide additional functionality to existing Gmail. These Lab features may not suit everyone of you, but i can bet you can find many which suits each one of you. I am listing below some of the Best Gmail labs Features. take a look and leave your feedback if you are using any of them or if i missed your favorite one.

1. Google Docs previews in mail

This provides you previews of documents, spreadsheets and presentations directly in the email when you receive any link to a Google Doc. Also gives an option to open directly in Google Docs.Even though this feature is useful for google docs only but still you can use it for other docs also by saving them to google docs.

2. Create a Document

Allows you to create a Google Document from an email conversation or a new blank document if your keyboard shortcuts are enabled by hitting ‘g’ then ‘w’. This feaature is helpful specially when you want to create some document right inside your mail and no office application like Microsoft office is available on that system.

3. Google Docs gadget

This adds a box in the left column which displays your Google Docs. Shows recent docs, starred docs, and has fast search letting you manage your google docs right inside Gmail.

4. Message translation

This feature uses Google Translate to translate messages you receive in any other language into your language so that you can read it in your language right inside your inbox. Check this out in detail here.

5. Inbox preview

This feature is specially useful for people with slow connection e.g. most people in India still have got a connection of 256 KBPs or less. This feature provides a preview of your inbox just after you put your login details. It lets people with slow connection to see inbox almost instantaneously letting them know if something important or new mail is arrived without waiting for the Inbox to load.

6. Custom Label Colors

This feature helps you to add your own combination of colors for labels that you create inside gmail making it easier to manage your labels.It also lets you add custom colors as per your choice.

7. Authentication icon for verified senders

This feature helps you protect from fake and phising emails by displaying a key icon next to authenticated messages from certain senders that spammers attempt to fake e.g. ebay. Currently this works for mail from PayPal and eBay only.

8. Undo Send

This feature lets you sStop messages from being sent for a few seconds after hitting the send button by crating a delay at server end so that you can stop the mail from being sent if you did it by fault.