Internet Download Manager [Review + Giveaway]

Managing downloads can be a tricky job, especially if you are a download junkie. Moreover there are many countries where network infrastructure is so bad that it is very hard to get good download speeds. So you end up downloading few hundred megabytes of data after wasting almost a whole day.

If you are a victim of the above problems, then probably you need a download manager to help you out. These download managers not only organizes and manages your downloads but also accelerates them. It helps you reach your optimum download speed and thus improves your download experience.

There are many download managers and accelerators available in the market but not all of them are useful. The best download manager and probably the most widely used is Internet Download Manager. I am sure almost all of you have heard about it and many of you are using it also. In this article I will discuss little more about Internet Download Manager and its features.

Description and Features

Internet Download Manager, popularly known as IDM, is a powerful and feature rich download manager that is capable of increasing the download speed by up to 5 times. It comes with a simple easy to use interface.


One of the striking features of IDM that separates it from other download managers lies in the fact that though it is packed with features still it is very easy to use and any novice user can use it without prior knowledge of it. IDM is certainly the best tool when it comes to downloads acceleration. It has a smart download logic accelerator that features intelligent dynamic file segmentation and safe multipart downloading technology to accelerate the downloads. Unlike other download managers it gives high speed and secure downloads. Another important feature of IDM is, it is compatible with all the latest browsers and can be integrated into any internet application to take over downloads using unique “Advanced Browser Integration” feature.

There are many useful features of IDM and among them I have listed few notable ones below.

  1. It is compatible with all the latest browsers and it can be integrated into any Internet application to take over downloads.
  2. IDM can automatically run a scanner on download completion to protect users from harmful downloaded files.
  3. Internet Download Manager can connect to the Internet at a set time, download the files you want, disconnect, or shut down your computer when it’s done. You can also synchronize changes using periodic synchronization of files. It’s possible to create and schedule several download queues for downloading or synchronization.
  4. IDM includes website grabber. It can download all required files, specific by some filters, from a website. This feature is useful while downloading all images from a site or completely downloading the site for offline browsing.
  5. IDM also comes with download limits feature. It is progressive downloading with quotas feature limits downloading to defined number of megabytes per hour. The feature is useful for connections that use fair access policy (or FAP) like Direcway, Direct PC, Hughes, etc.

I have touched upon few basic features of IDM. It does offer a lot more stuffs. As I have said before not only does it organizes the download but it also accelerates it substantially. All in all it is a great tool to have, especially if you have lots to download.


Thanks to IDM Support Department – Tonec Inc., we are giving away 15 License keys of Internet Download Manager to readers of Avinashtech (1 Key being given the Arnab for doing the review) . Just follow the simple rules below to enter in this draw. We will do the draw twice .

  1. Subscribe to Avinashtech by entering your email address in the subscribe box on right sidebar of the blog or by clicking this link. Do remember to verify your email address when you get the verification email from Feedburner.
  2. Like the Facebook Fan Page of Avinashtech (If you don’t have a Facebook account you can skip this).
  3. Tell us using comments, why you would like to have a license for this application.
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Update: Winners announced at Forum.

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  1. hey,
    actually i use net everyday nd i download many things everyday like games and all … i need 2 speedup my download speed for which i can depend on idm……..i want it!!

  2. Since I download regularly and use a limited bandwidth connection a download manager is a must…..Since this is one of the top downloads in popular download sites I have an additional reason to belive that this is a good application(the other reason being the review made).

  3. Hi Guyssss:)))

    Nice to see you again everybody!
    Hope everyone is great.

    Really charming reading a good article of IDM, it’s a cool blessed software för keep stuff in order when downloading files from everywhere. Noticed when using this one it’s makes many things easier particularly issues between bigger files vs browsing the internet.

    Yes please, let me in, you’ll find me on Twitter;)
    Thanks folks

    • Nice to see you have come back Emil. Always wondered what happened to you as you haven’t been to the forum in over a year. Stop in sometime and see us all.


      • Thanks Mike:)
        You see, I’ve been busy in other things.
        Really fun someone recognized me, I will promise 😉

  4. internet download manager is powerful software for speeding up the download speed since my download speed is slow. and with resume feature, we can resuming download. and it’s really useful feature for me. thanks for review arnab and Avinash for giveaways. Count me in.

  5. please give me a license key, because I really like this software, it helps support the download speed is very good, and I’ve enjoyed using proprietary software instead of unlocking software.

    • i m using idm 6.07 these is very good software
      but i m facing a problem 30 days trial peried
      so u can help provide me serial key up to date
      thank u

  6. IDM is a great download manager ( fast downloading speed, speed limiter, support for video sites and grabber projects, simplified UI, nice integration .. ). Simply put, I like this program. Thanks for the giveaway contest. Good luck to all.

  7. i would like a license as internet download manager is the best download manager out there with 16 split mirrors,its one of the fastest and most userfriendly download manager.

  8. I used trial version and now want to use full license.
    I think is the best download manager.
    please count me in,thank you!

  9. Well, as a heavy downloader with a limited bandwidth connection, I’ve personally used Internet Download Manager (IDM) for a while, along with freeware like Jdownloader and Flashget, and I came to conclusion that IDM is definitely the BEST DOWNLOAD MANAGER out there, mainly due to its more user-friendly interface and download SPEED rate, especially for files stored in file sharing sites requiring a premium account.

    Besides that, IDM is without doubt the best download manager out there because it provides its users a bunch of great handy features missing in most of its rival download managers, such as the capability to make CATEGORIES, the DOWNLOAD ACCELERATOR feature, the ability to GROUP FILES in QUEUES, the SCHEDULE OPTION and above all the SITE GRABBER module, designed to rip files (pics, audio, video etc…) directly from a website without being forced to copy&paste the URL of the web page where the files to download are located.

    That’s why I would like to have a license for this grat app.

    Please count me in!!!/Avtechblog/posts/379716122043482!/Mario77999/status/165745735386664960

  10. IDM is one of the best programs on the market. Has many useful features to help you download. I would love to win a license. Thank you for the contest 😉

  11. Thank for this giveaway! I would like to have IDM to boost my download speed and manage my download. Most importantly it allow me to resume most of the download from site which I could not do so using the default browser download manager.

    One of the best download manager in its categories, I would glad if I win it.

    Please count me in! Thanks.

  12. I want to use IDM to download video easily from site like YouTube but most importantly I like it because it help me improve my download speed. Please count me in. Thank.

  13. Subscribed to the newsletter. I always wanted this and participate most IDM giveaway from various site, but no luck. Hopefully lady luck is on my side now.

    Anyway thank for this another great giveaway! Really appreciate it. Cheer and please include me in this contest also.

  14. I want IDM because it is the best download manager around. It help improve the download speed up to 600% which is awesome.

    Thank for this one and count me in too.

  15. Thank guy for this giveaway! Please count me in it could be very useful considering my country internet speed is very slow and limited.

    Thank for this opportunity and good luck to all participant xD

  16. I’ve been used trial IDM,i think is the best download manager.
    Hope to win 1 license,please count me in.
    Thank you!

  17. Great giveaway! Please count me in. A very good alternative to JDownloader which is rather difficult to use compare to IDM. Please count me in.

    P/s : Nicely done review btw. Keep it up.

  18. Could I please have Internet Download Manager. It’s a great download manager as it manages mirrors so well.
    I’ve subscribed and followed most of the steps.

  19. Please count me in. This is the best download manager out there in the market. I am always downloading something from the internet. This would be a great help…

  20. This is another great giveaway from Avinashtech. I love this software, hope to win one of the licenses. My friend just told me to enter this giveaway. Please count me in…

  21. Please count me in. I love this software. I always enter to giveaways of IDM but, unfortunately, I never won even just once. Hope to win one of the licenses here. Thanks to Avinashtech who is always giving great software giveaways.

  22. IDM is blazing fast with it’s multi thread technology.Nothing more.Good things don’t require too much elaboration to prove their goodness.

  23. This program no needs comment,it is best to download files from the Internet!
    Thank you for this giveaway.

  24. I have tested a few similar programs but I like Internet Download Manager. I am very satisfied with all the useful functions that it offers and the fast download speeds which improves my productivity. My favorite features are the resume broken downloads and scheduling. Due to my slow internet speed, this program is a must have for me to help me in my work and also personal file downloads.

    Please include me for the giveaway. Many thanks for your kind genorosity.

  25. IDM is the best download manager. I like batch download, download video from webpage, download resume functions, so please Count me in. Thanks.

  26. it would be great to have a download manager to make things faster and easier, thanks for the chance for a license.

  27. I really want to have a license for this!
    I’ve never used any download managers but my friends told me it will change my life!
    They said among all download managers, this one is the best for the capabilities to boost download speed and to download streaming videos from video sites .
    So, please count me in!

  28. IDM is the best download manager i have ever used. As the name itself suggests if we want to download anything from internet then IDM is the best option available. Have been using for nearly 5 years and no problem what so ever with IDM. Interestingly IDM has not crashed at all (though firefox sometimes crash !!!!) .

  29. Long I have joined contests to win IDM, sadly I did’nt win any of them… and once again im still not giving up! Indeed, when we talk bout downloding stuff through the net, theres a name that overwhelms them all!you know what talkin bout, it’s IDM from Tonec Inc., it truly stand out when it comes to high speed downloading, flawless browser integration & it does’nt freeze your browser. I rate it 10/10! Good luck to everyone & thanks for this chance to grab this superb software!

    Liked & shared in FB:
    Tweeted it here:

  30. Hi ! I used to use a download manager called GetRight in the past and have also been using Download Accelerator Plus, but of all the reviews I’ve read on the net, I realise IDM is the best currently so I’d love to have a genuine license for it. Thanks and keep up the good work and your generosity ! 🙂

  31. I have a license for my comp, but I need one for my kids(coz they say u cant use on 2 comps). So, I`m in..

  32. Really charming reading a good article of IDM, it’s a cool blessed software för keep stuff in order when downloading files from everywhere. Noticed when using this one it’s makes many things easier particularly issues between bigger files vs browsing the internet.

  33. As you all know that Internet Download Manager (IDM) is an easy to use tool to increase download speeds by up to 500 percent, resume and schedule downloads. IDM is a perfect accelerator program to download software, games, cd, dvd and mp3 music, movies, shareware and freeware programs much faster! IDM is the most wonderful and powerful download manager that nearly all internet user use for their daily download demand. Normal download, for me, is useless; however, with IDM, I can download with full speed provided by ISP. Moreover, IDM is an user friendly and widely compatible with all browsers, and I can resume files without re-download. Finally, IDM provide regular update to make it more powerful. So, Internet Download Manager is the only one important tool to accelerate download.

  34. please give me a license key, because I really like this software, it helps support the download speed is very good, and I’ve enjoyed using proprietary software instead of unlocking software.

  35. Thanks for the giveaway. IDM is the best download manager, faster download, download resume, video grabber, batch download is very useful features. Please count me in.

  36. I am fed up with those slow downloads via internet stick. Please help, it takes 7-9 hours to download a giveawayoftheday! Downloaded Gigaget a couple of days ago, but cannot install it for whatever reason. Thank you for considering my application!

  37. I want IDM because it is the best download manager around. It help improve the download speed up to 600% which is awesome.

    Thank for this one and count me in too.

  38. Much awaited giveaway. IDM has excellent integration ability with most of the popular internet browser. I have used it’s trial version and found it very helpful. Please count me also.

  39. It is the best download manager..its the most great feature of idm is IDM can download any streaming videos from youtube..or MySpace or similar works great with any browser …and automitally catches download….even it catch audio which is playing in a site or blog….thats why i love the software very very much…share in facebook and twitter!/Indranil49/status/165835832027119616

  40. That’s wonderful piece of software. There’s only one thing missing: that’s its license.
    I wish there was free software with such functionality…
    But if you have one spare key you can count on me;)

  41. I like IDM because it is the best download manager ever! It can download almost everything. Is a very useful application for anyone using the Internet.

  42. IDM is always the best downloader out there. I am really impressed with its capabilities and features. Hope to win one of the licenses. Thank you for the chance.

  43. this is the reason why this site is so special when compared to other giveaway sites……very gud giveaway……looking forward for this……

  44. Hi!
    Excellent tool for downloading files. Amazing functionality of the program exceeds all of the program to download files that I know.
    Glad appeared possible to obtain a license key.
    Best regards!

  45. IDM is a well known download manager, all downloads will be fast specially true on low bandwidth, also there a resume action so downloads will continu without having to restart all over again.
    Please count me in.

  46. I`d like to win a license for this software in order to boost the download speed of files. Please count me in. 10x.

  47. Here I’m participating on another IDM giveaway, but this time “We will do the draw twice” so maybe that’d be the factor that changes my luck and I’d finally be a winner of an IDM license.

    I want to have a license because IDM it’s the best download manager, it has some great features being the intelligent dynamic file segmentation the one I like the most because it takes less time to download thanks to that feature.

    Shared here:!/emsocosme/status/165868091358707712


  48. Please count me in.

    I’m a huge fun.
    With IDM I will be able to download facebook videos, so I can watch them even offline.

  49. Hey Guys,

    Great giveaway on the IDM.. I would love to try for a license as I have only been able to try them out and I liked them when I was able to use it. Recently had to wipe the laptop and was unable to do a backup ;( IDM provides a lot of useful features that I love and need (one being the pause and resume features of the downloads) So I would love a chance at a copy..


  50. I think Internet Download Manager is one of the best download accelerator because it compatible this all browser, even with Firefox Nightly UX (it will compatible when You install two extensions: Add-On Compatibility Reporter and Check Compatibility- it disable checking compatibility extensions; after You restart Firefox simply enable IDM CC), and with Pale Moon, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, Maxton, Comet Bird and with another browsers. IDM quickly download big files from internet an it configurable. Great contest. Please count me in. 🙂!/joapio13/status/165874791549632513

  51. Well, a great giveaway,review says it all , the best downloader, no question with it’s reputation , an old timer in the market, since i download alot it will really be of great help to me, hope to win one license, thanks alot………

  52. I have tried out its trial version & found it quite useful where others have failed.
    Will love to get a registered version through this giveaway

  53. Please DO NOT count me in for this because I already have a license but I just wanted to say that this is the best program out there for downloading. I love it.

    It works great!

  54. I need this download manager for my daily downloads. It’s an excellent one and it does the job easily and efficiencely. I like very much its new speed limitation feature! It’s awesome!

    Thank you Avinashtech and Tonec!

  55. hi, thanks for this great offer, what more reason than download desire i should bring, and IDM just does the job, also very uptodate for downloading from video sharing websites.

  56. I would like to try this download manager, and compare it to free DAP, which I have been using for some time now. Please include me in the draw. Thank you,
    Ernie Sampson

  57. Please count me in !!! Would LOVE to have this-My Sprint Connection ,until it goes 4G,is leaving a little bit to be desired-would love to see if this improves that any,plus all the other added features !!

  58. actually i use net everyday nd i download many things everyday like games and all … i need 2 speedup my download speed for which i can depend on idm……..i want it!!

  59. Thanks for the great review and opportunity. I hadn’t heard of Internet Download Manager before. I use the normal browser download manager. Have to confess I download a lot so would love to be gifted the program to enable me to be better organised and download quicker. Please count me in.

  60. Hi,
    I need IDM for helping me to download big files from internet and also to capture video streaming. I hope to win a license. Thanks for the giveaway!

  61. Alas!my hunt is over. I have been on the lookout for such a download manager ,which could relieve me from trouble of extremely slow download speed.Let’s see if I am lucky enough.
    Many thanks for the offer.

  62. at first thank u arnab and for this nice giveaway….IDM is the best download manager ever…..the downloading speed is very very anyone enjoy highspeed download in 2g can download video in flv format from youtube…and it can resume broken download by refreshing download address……so hope to get one idm licence…share in facebook page and like avinashtech……and subscribe to avinashtech…my share is given below

  63. Just have about 20 days left before my trial expires and i had a great experience with this software…so count me in please…

  64. I’d like to have IDM coz I’m on dial-up and its a pain when I’m trying to download large files. Please count me in! 🙂

  65. i would like to have this.. it makes it easy to manage downloads as well as grabbing streams for direct download. its a must have utility for everyone. if you’re tired of rebuffering the same stream, just download it offline with this utility 🙂

  66. Thanks for the giveaway. I have been looking to get hold of this software for almost 2 years now. I need it because it is very useful and I am very comfortable with the software interface.

  67. Hi, thanks for this giveaway, please count me in.

    I like IDM because its so fast, and very useful for me because my internet connection is unreliable. Thanks for this opportunity.

  68. Internet Download Manager is must have application for every computer user, and is most essential to download junkies like me.I have been using it since 2006, and as days go by, it is getting better and better.I would rather say that it is the best of the lot: what I like about it is its simplicity of design and use,and of course its superior technology which delivers and never puts you down: giving you better and consistent downloading speeds than any other down-loaders. It has a unique feature of taking downloads from any browser or application which no other down-loader can boast of. Internet download Manager can not only resume from servers that support broken links but can even catch and resume from sites and servers that don’t support resume!.:Another unique feature which I think no other down-loader has. It really saves your day and valuable time.So don’t think again, get yourself Internet download Manager: the best down loader on this planet, and it will definitely save your day and valuable time.

  69. Again super giveaway that Avinash has for its readers. Thanks mate for your efforts.
    I gladly to take this opportunity…

  70. Internet Download Manager is one of the best program I have heared for internet users. Hope to win this giveaway.

  71. Because BH is one of the best programs to speed up downloading files from the internet. According to the manufacturer’s program is able to accelerate data transfers up to 500%:!: The program supports many popular browsers, among others, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Avant Browser, Netscape and many others. Integrates with web browsers using a unique acquires the properties of integration and downloading files, it also allows scheduling queue data retrieval.

  72. thank for giveaway
    I like IDM It is compatible with all the latest browsers and it can be integrated into any Internet application to take over downloads

  73. IDM is a well-known download manager, which helps you to save normal and also streaming content to your hdd with ease. So I hope to win.

    Thanks for this giveaway.

  74. To make my download faster…..To be honest, m using a ***** version of IDM 6.5, n this is “The Best Download Manager” that i felt after using it for couple months….. But I hate to use it like that coz i can’t update it.. And this is really frustrating…
    It will b great have a license key of such Amazing Software..

  75. i use this software in only demo version. please give me a fully function version of this software. count me in this giveaway……

  76. Just unbelievable ! Yesterday when I saw this promo I took it casually as I have already used many download managers from DAP ,ORBIT , and presently Get go which increased my download speed considerably hence I was reluctant to post for this giveaway but today when I saw 156 comments within 2 days I decided to try this and went to their homepage and once again stunned by seeing as much as 63 awards and testimonials by the reputed sites. Frankly speaking I have never seen that much recommendations for a software.I immediately download the trial version and tested it for various downloads the result was superb IDM increase my download speed by 60% on my 256 kbps dsl connection. Thanks !

  77. Thanks for this great giveaway. Please count me in for this.
    I would like it because it is the best IDM in the world.
    Thank you.

  78. i use this software in only demo version. i love idm because i can also can also drag ,drop files and IDM increase my download speeds by up to 3 times, resume and schedule downloads.

  79. Dear Team :)))

    Nice to see you again with another wonderful giveaway !!

    Really cool blessed software.

    Yes please, let me in.

    Thanks, Sambasiva

  80. Thanks avinashtech for such beautiful product giveaway . IDM the heart of online downloads. Its one of my fav Manager . Thanks a lot

  81. great program for downloading files from the net. It is really a must-be for everybody. Thank you Mike and Arnab for organizing it. Shared and tweeted.

  82. Hi, I’ve tried the trial version of IDM and tested against other download managers and have found it is the best in it’s class. I’d love it could download copy protected videos.

  83. Thnaks so much for this GiveAway.
    i have no facebook & twitter account because these social websites has been blocked in my country.
    I always liked have an original IDM account.IDM is the best Download Manager that exists.
    i hope be a winner.
    Best Regards,

  84. IDM has the best speed , integrated very well with almost all file hosters premium, all major web browser, even the portable ones. Auto grab streaming media, and make download very easy and convenient, just 1-click.

    I like to win this because I am currently using Jdownloader to manage my download, and it is slow. I need a multi-thread downloader like IDM to facilitate my download from file hoster. Appreciate a lot for this giveaways. Thank you very much.!/vinnshare/status/165775933993795584

  85. Hello,
    I have been using IDM from past 5 years, but not with a special hidden feature by IDM company it is capturing my Serial that it is a Fake Serial, i have tried all the alternatives, but no one works at all.
    Now I am looking for a Genuine Key that works, if you have then plz give it, i dont want to use any other download manager.
    Thanks in advance.

  86. i’m download maniac, so, nothing’s can separate me from this stuff, hoping get the license.
    please count me in, ‘coz idm still unbeatable according to my experience; speed limiter, connection settting, resumable download, video grabber, and a lot amaze- thing other.

  87. IDM çok hızlı bir indirici umarım kazanır ve kullanabilirim. TeÅŸekkürler IDM TeÅŸekkürler avinashtech…

  88. I want one of that license, cause I think this is the best download manager and the most popular. 🙂

  89. i use this software in only demo version. please give me a fully function version of this software. count me in this giveaway……

  90. Be a good user… I need that license too…. 🙂 license key it’s very important for a good user… ;D…please

  91. Dont forget to leave a comment at blog post to enter into giveaway. 🙂

  92. Hi,
    i love idm and use it when I have a heavy download because download can be resume always and download speed is really high and stable,

    thank you

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