Many users across India use a public computers at Cyber cafe or any other public place to access internet. Even people across the world use a public or shared system to access the internet. Many times you need to use your credit or debit card for some online transaction like making a payment or booking some tickets etc, even on a shared or public computer. But the public or shared computer isn’t safe to use due to presence of malicious software’s like keyloggers, spyware’s etc on that.

So what to do when you need to use your credit card. There is a nice utility available with every Windows  i.e. On-Screen Keyboard. Just browse to All programs >> Accessories >> Accessibility >> on-screen keyboard.

onscreen keyboard

You should use the on screen keyboard to input all the sensitive information like your credit card details on the shared or public system so that it remains safe. You can even use this on your own desktop or laptop if you are not sure about whether it is free from keyloggers and spywares.