Many of us are paranoid about security of the PC we use and use many tools for securing it along with Antivirus on it. Often you need to leave your system running and go somewhere leaving it open. Many of us do a manual lock screen  using command (Windows key + L).

Here’s something new. You can lock your PC using your USB using a tool called Predator. May be some of you may have heard of it, but its new for me. So i was a bit excited when i read about it on ghacks. This tool lets you lock your windows session just by removing the USB flash drive.

You need to istall the Predator setup on your system. Remember, you should not install it on any folder of the USB. After you installed it on your system, run it. When you run it, it will ask you to create a password. Now insert your USB drive and click OK.

After you click OK, a configuration screen will come up. Dont worry, all your contents on your USB flash drive will remain safe and unchanged.

You can create  password by typing it in the new password field. This password can be used to unlock windows session if you lost the USB. Otherwise you can just remove USB to lock the windows session and insert the USB to unlock it.

It got some additional features and you can configure them if you need it. Otherwise this one function is great for many of us.

Download PREDATOR Free Edition