Some of you may be wondering that  many posts from me these days are covering Windows 7 features and tricks. The reason being that more people are interested to know about it and its different features. This curiosity will keep growing till Windows 7 is out officially on oct. 22.

So many of my posts will try to cover Windows 7 for some more time. Today i will be talking about how to enable Administrator account in Windows 7. Administrator account is not enabled by default by Microsoft in Windows 7. Most of you wont even need it anytime.

Administrator account can be enabled very easily by following these steps.

1. Click on Start button and then right click on Computer. Click on “Manage”.

Windows 7 manage

2. In the “Computer Management” Window that appears, browse to “Local user Groups  >> users”

Windows 7 administrator

3. After this right click on Administrator and Click Properties.

Windows 7 administrator1

4.  In the properties Windows , untick “Account is disabled” and click apply.

Windows 7 administrator enable

5. That’s it. Your Administrator account is now enabled. When you log off after this, you will find “administrator” account along with your regular account.


Hope this trick helps you to play more with Windows 7. Please ask me here if you want me to write about anything related to Windows 7. I will try to write about what you people need.