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Grab AVG AntiVirus 9 [1-PC, 1-Year], worth £26.99, FREE for EVERYONE!

Here comes another big Freebie for you guys. This time its AVG AntiVirus 9 [1-PC, 1-Year], worth £26.99, FREE for EVERYONE! thanks again to v3.co.uk. Just few days back we had the Bitdefender Antivirus Promo and now this one. Hopefully, many of us wont be buying a Antivirus product this year.

As most of you know, AVG is widely known for its free version. But thanks to this Promo, anyone can grab AVG AntiVirus 9 Pro [1-PC, 1-Year], worth £26.99 during the 24 Hours Promo period.

Here’s the Info from the V3 store website.

we’re giving you AVG AntiVirus 9 [1-PC, 1-Year], worth £26.99, completely free, for ONE day only. This promo is exclusive to the Incisive Media V3.co.uk Software Store. The promotion will be live between midday CET (central European time) Tuesday 31st of August and midday CET 1st of September 2010.

The screenshot below will give a brief info about the Features of AVG AntiVirus 9. Have a look atit. If you want detailed information, Visit this AVG page.

So don’t forget to visit the promo page between midday CET (central European time) Tuesday 31st of August and midday CET 1st of September 2010. Also, keep in mind, the licenses are not unlimited even though they are in thousands. So it would be better if you don’t wait for the last hour to grab it. It may expire even before the deadline of midday CET 1st of September 2010

Via: [Download junkie]

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  • IT sucks for many like you but there are many who use it. This promo is for them. 🙂

  • Grr

    Thanks Avi.

    This woudl push me to try it out.


    • Will wait for your take on it after u test it. 🙂

      • Clydeman

        Will mention this to friends 🙂

  • Samuel

    hmmm… I have Bitdefender by now and I already had few problems with it too. So, I’m thinking of making most of this AVG promotion. By the way, what’s your favorite between AVG and Bitdefender? Don’t say I don’t like both of them…. I need your suggestion in this matter.

    • Well, frankly speaking I havent used AVG pro till now. Right now I have Bitdefender on my laptop, but perhaps I dont like AVG due to the bloated stuff. But still this is a opinion without any logic. You can try for yourself. I dont have any plan to remove bitdefender and try something else.

      • Samuel.

        yes, i’ll try AVG also. the reason for which i am thinking of shifting to AVG is that sometimes bitdefender AV module is not loaded, sometimes virus scan module is not available etc. that’s really bad because those are the basic duties of AV. Do you also have this kinda problems with Bitdefender IS? or is it only me who is facing this problem? (as I use Comodo Firewall also, obviously with BIS firewall disabled)

        • Are you using any registry cleaners ? they could cause the problems too.

          I had such problems with Bitdefender earlier this year, I was using Win utilities to run one-click maintenance and it caused the Firewall component to get uninstalled or something.

          Anyway I no longer use BD or Win utils 😀

          PS: No probs Avi 🙂 I also hope Rahul is able to activate the AVG license

          I didnt wanna keep posting multiple comments at the same post, but then noticed Samuel’s comment and wanted to know what could have caused the issue. I guess I should read all comments thoroughly before posting replies 🙁

  • Speak2rahuul

    Hi,I got 2 serials from the promo about AVG pro the promo site has the file of the applicario which is 2 mb i guess its a online installer plz provide me the link to download the .exe file of this perticular antivirus
    I downloaded the ver.90851a3009 110MB file but the serial is not working

    plz reply ASAP

    • The web installer from AVG website which is 2 MB should work as they said you can register the serial at their site. The installer from v3.co.uk too had same size of installer when promo was active.

      Here is the link http://www.avg.com/in-en/download-file-stb-triavd

      • Speak2rahuul

        thanx Avinash for the kind reply this is the same link i download earliar and the same file i ve downloaded but i ll give it a try thank you again

        • tell us here if you are unable to activate it. I will then try on my side to try it.

        • Open up the AVG interface and click on Help -> Register now,
          It should open up a new web page with a registration form, fill it up.

          Or visit this page http://www.avg.com/in-en/registration and paste the license that you got from the promo and register the product.

          Try one of the above methods, then you will get a new key in your email. That is the actual license for the product.

          Could you post your feedback after you try this?

        • I forgot to mention that you can use the 110 mb installer to register the product.

          The license number you got from the promo is actually a “Sales Number”.

          For registration you need to fill up the fields marked with an asterisk *

          First name, Lastname, Email id , confirm email id. Select the country (India was automatically selected based on my ip). Click on the check box to agree with the license agreement.

          Click on continue. It will ask you to confirm if the info you entered is correct and click on continue again and the actual license will be displayed on the next page. It will also be sent to your email id.

          I have just registered this on one of my computers 🙂

          It says License expires on : 03-09-2011

          • Thank you ashwin for the detailed info. I was not able to answer as I have not installed AVG. Hopefully Rahul can now use the license.

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