We have talked about Google Public DNS and OpenDNS service in our previous posts. Today we will talk about another DNS service ClearCloud which helps you browse internet safely avoiding malicious websites.

ClearCloud is a free service that checks every website address your computer is trying to access, whether you’re browsing the internet, clicking a link in an email, or a program “under the hood” trying to communicate with servers for information or updates.

I tested the service and its working pretty well in blocking malicious websites. If you try to open a malicious website intentionally or non-intentionally, you will get the following message.

Clearcloud intent is to be a security device to keep your computer safe from malicious sites instead of content filtering as is the case with OpenDNS. It protects you from websites known for hosting malware or those which redirects to exploit sites. Hence if you want a content filtering DNS service which blocks access to say sites not suitable for children, you should go for openDNS. But you want security, you should go for Clearcloud. Quoting from a user of Clearcloud :

ClearCloud is a great asset for somebody who doesn’t care about what kind of sites the user is going to visit (despite if the site has “bad” content). The user will be well protected against websites that represent a threat for the security of the system.


You need to change these two values to start using Clearcloud.

Preferred DNS server:
Alternate DNS server:

If you do not know how to change these values, Visit this page for Instructions.