Google+ has been a instant hit among Netizens worldwide and almost everyone is adding people in their Circles in Google+.  I know many guys who have easily grown their Circles to numbers  of the order of more than thousands by adding everyone to their circles who add them to their own.

But looks like that Google doesnt want to go either Facebook or twitter way of letting you follow everyone you want. Facebook still allows you only 5000 friends, but you can bypass this limit by turning your profile page to a Fan page and then unlimited number of people can be added to your list. Similarly, at the moment you can not add more than 5000 friends to your Google+ circles even though unlimited number of people can follow you or add you to circles.

IN my opinion, this limitation is fine as you cant have more than 5000 friends even online unless you are a celebrity. Even though the limit may be increased later on, but at the moment it is 5000. What do you think of this limitation?