Few days back we talked about Facebook blocking a Chrome extension Facebook Friend Exporter which lets you export your Facebook contacts name, email address into a .csv file which can be imported to Google+ very easily to add your friends on Google+. Looks like the trend is not stopping there only. Today Facebook blocked a similar tool “Open-Xchange’s too” which helps people export their Facebook contact list on Google+.

We have talked about a workaround to bypass Facebook contact blocking restrictions using Yahoo mail. Today we will talk about it in bit detail or you can say step by step method. You need a Yahoo email address to use this method. You can sign up for one if you have no Yahoo mail account.

1. Sign in to your Yahoo Mail account (You need to use a new email address if you want only your Facebook friends to be exported. If you use a existing Yahoo mail account, then your yahoo contacts too will get exported along with Facebook friends).

2. Navigate to Contacts >> Import Contacts.

3. On next page, you will find a option to import contacts from Gmail, Facebook, Windows live Hotmail etc. Just select Facebook.

4. After you click that, you will be asked to validate your Facebook account using your login credentials. After you allow it to access your Facebook account, Yahoo start importing your Facebook Friends Name and email addresses. When its complete, you get a message similar to the screenshot below.

5. Now you need to export all your contacts into a csv (Comma separated values) file. Just Navigate to Yahoo Contacts>> Actions >> Export All.

6. On Export page, Select “Yahoo CSV“, Export Now Button. Save the csv file generated by Yahoo on your desktop.

To use the exported Facebook friends in Google+, you need to import them in Gmail Contacts. You can import CSV file to Gmail very easily.

After you are finished with importing the csv file to Gmail contacts, all your imported contacts will be available in your Google+ list of people to invite.