Facebook and Skype are getting integrated into one another. Just few days back, it was Skype which got integrated inside Facebook for Video chat inside a browser using the Facebook interface. This time, its the turn of Skype to integrate Facebook. The latest version of Skype 5.5  comes with deep integration of Facebook Features right inside Skype Application.

Using Skype 5.5 you can find out when your friends Facebook are online and then can message them from the new Facebook Contacts Tab  of Skype (located in between the Skype and Recent Contacts tabs). This feature is quite similar to Yahoo messenger integration of Facebook inside the IM client. One additional feature is that now you can also view, update your Facebook status and even view comments or ‘like’ posts from your Facebook Wall, directly from Skype Home without even opening a browser window.

Apart from this Facebook integration, Skype 5.5 comes with improved video controls and group video calls for Windows, enhanced video call reliability and several changes to improve overall Skype experience. It also includes few new Skype emoticons to use when you feel to express your emotions not with words but something better.

Download Skype 5.5 for Windows

Via: [Skype Blog]