Google+ has been on a roll since its launch. The Major difference for Google+ compared to other social networks is that Google+ is listening to user feedback much more and are implementing the feedback as quickly as possible. The implemented changes in Google+ are being rolled out quite fast to all the users of Google+.

Today Google+ listened to another feedback from users about the ability to expand and collapse comments in the Google+ Stream as sometimes the stream becomes too overwhelming for anyone to handle. This feature though is possible to have in Chrome using a Extension, but we needed it to be a part of Google+ itself. Here is what Jonathan Terleski from Google posted about this fix.

While this is pretty awesome, it can sometimes be overwhelming. You’ve said that really active conversations with lots of comments can take over your stream. And comments appearing in real-time can sometimes make updates hard to read.

Well, today, we’re fixing all this.

First, we’re making it so you can easily expand and collapse comments in the Stream. Just click once to expand, click again to collapse.

And when comments arrive in real-time, we’ll automatically collapse them. But, we’ll still keep track of which comments you’ve read and which you haven’t. This way, you get to choose when to engage and when not to.

Below is a YouTube video by Google explaining this new much need feature of Google+

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