Looks like something worse happened to Giveawayoftheday (GAOTD) they didn’t even imagined in their worst dreams. Looks like the domain got expired due to some reason and now when we open the GAOTD site or blog, it directs us to a Parked domain page.

Here is some official word from their blog. (I got this from their feeds as the blog URL too isnt working)

Hello everybody,

we are aware of the situation with Giveaway of the Day site and are sorry for the inconvenience. Our domain record domain was supposed to auto-renew but failed for some reasons that have yet to be investigated.

Let us assure you that domain has successfully been renewed, still the system needs time to get the site back to proper work.

For those users who still experience problems with access to GOTD, please stay on-line or try to reach us in several hours. We will finally be back! 🙂

Have a nice day!
GOTD project team

One lesson learned from this fiasco. Never wait for the domain to auto renew. Renew your domain much before any problem kicks you on your last day of renewal or Auto renewal.

Hope they can get back online soon solving all this mess.

Update: Looks like the site is online but blog still redirects to Parked URL. Right now, it works only if you put www before the domain name. Sub-domains still not working.