All of us are aware of the number of gadgets available in the market trying to give iPad 2 some competition, but till date none of these have been able to perform to be called a real “iPad Killer”.  In midst of all these, we are hearing rumors of Amazon launching its own called Amazon Kindle Tablet in the market soon. The rumors seem to be real as confirmed by Techcrunch. Today we will talk about some of the features which this proposed Amazon  Kindle tablet will have.

The Amazon Kindle Tablet to be available hopefully in October, wont be of same size as of ipad 2 but more like Blackberry Playbook with 7 inch display. Amazon perhaps do plan to bring 10 inch display but that will follow later on. The Processor inside the Amazon kindle tablet is believed to be a single core chip unlike the Apple iPad 2 which has a dual core A5 chip from Apple.

The internal storage is rumored to be just 6 GB compared to minimum 16 GB on Ipad 2. There wont be any 3G variant for the device. Initially it will be equipped with only WiFi and no 3G. One unusual thing about this device is that it wont be having any Camera which is a standard norm in almost every tablet whether its iPad or any other Android tablet.

The display looks like the Kindle App on iPad but unless we see the real images of the tablet, it very difficult to predict. Amazon already have a Appstore in the form of Amazon Appstore and they will use this Appstore. Browser is similar to Android rootkit browser but we are not sure if its the same as that of Android one. Amazon’s Cloud Player will be the default music player for the tablet.

Now what about the price? Looks like Amazon did some mind boggling about pricing the tablet. Unlike other tablet Manufacturers which pitted their tablets in the same range as that of iPad 2 directly putting that in competition to iPad, Amazon proposed to price it at $250. The reason they may be able to deliver to this price range is the number of differences with lower technical specification, hardware etc compared to iPad. Apart from the hardware, they may have put their margins to say low and may earn some revenue by tightly integrating Amazon services with the Tablet.

PS: All the information in this post is based on rumors on the web about the tablet. Unless the tablet comes out officially, anything can be changed which I wrote about here.