Sometime back, we wrote about how to set up 2-step verification process for your Google Account. As most of you know, two-step verification adds a additional layer of security to account in addition to your existing password. By enabling this, the it becomes almost impossible to get hacked as the additional layer of password keeps changing every time. Here is a small youtube video talking about what 2 step verification is and how it works.

This 2-step verification process can also be enabled on Google Apps. This feature is not enabled by default inside your Apps account. You need to enable this feature using the Administrator account of your Apps.

To enable this feature, just login into your administrator account using your “Domain Management“.  Just navigate to “Advance Tools” inside your Domain Management console. There you need to select “Allow users to turn on two-factor authentication” under Authentication and save it. This option is disabled by default.

After this is done, 2 step feature needs to be enabled at the user account level i.e if you have 3 accounts under that domain, this feature can be enabled from account settings just like its done for a normal Gmail account. It is recommended for every Apps user to enable this 2 step authentication so that the account remains safe from hackers.