Many of you may have noticed that i keep on saying that its raining freebies. The statement gets validated every now and then. Today, i will talk about how to get USB Safely Remove lifetime license for FREE worth $20.

USB safely remove helps you get rid of many problems associated with USB device. The problems like cannot remove device and other errors can be solved easily.

‘USB Safely Remove’ is a USB and SATA external drive manager included by PCWorld magazine into “TOP 100 Best Products Of 2008”. It solves a bunch of problems encountered by frequent USB and SATA users, for example:

* Shows what processes prevent your device from being stopped
* Lets you reactivate your accidentally stopped hotplug device without reconnecting it physically
* Hides drives of empty card reader slots

For details about all its features, visit this link.

USB safely removeLicense giveaway page:

It may take up to 24 hours to get a license as its said on site page.

Source : Gizmo