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Download Firefox 7 final with better Memory use from Mozilla servers

As many of us know that Firefox had already adopted the rapid release cycle just like chrome which means a new Firefox version is released almost every six weeks. Firefox 5 was first release in that cycle. Mozilla has released Firefox 7.0 (official announcement yet to come, but the installer is available on Mozilla FTP servers). Many of you already know that one of the major changes that were proposed for Firefox 7 was improvement of Firefox memory footprint on the system with respect to available system resources. Firefox 7 claims to come with a better Memory use compared to its previous version.

The latest version of Firefox has the following changes: (Official release notes are yet to be out. The release notes below are taken from the last beta of Firefox 7)

If you want, you can download it directly from mozilla servers.

Download Firefox 7

Thanks to Nick for the tip.

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