We deal with documents everyday in our life for different purposes including offical and personal ones. Generally two options for the software tools are available that handle these documents. Microsoft office suite and open office. Open office does perform good enough for a normal user who want to edit/ create documents. But still its far away from Microsoft office suite. Whereas Microsoft office suite is too costly for many to afford.ashampoo-office-2008

Ashampoo office suite comes in between something in between. Its neither free nor too costly as microsoft office suite. I wont be talking about how it works or writing a review of it and compare it with the other products here. I may do so in some other post.

As per Editor review at CNET

Though not quite as robust, this productivity suite makes a decent alternative to the ubiquitous Microsoft office. Most average users won’t have a problem operating both TextMaker and PlanMaker, which look very similar to Word and Excel respectively. Both of these utilities have all the features you might expect, though it may take a bit of patience to get used to the different arrangement of them. Also, when we tried to launch DataMaker and Basic Script from the toolbar in the word-processing program, we got error messages, which is a bit discomforting. And if you’re looking for an office suite with a built in e-mail client or PowerPoint functionality, you won’t find it here. Still, if you seek a cheaper alternative to Microsoft Office and only work with Excel and Word, there’s no reason not to give Ashampoo Office 2005 a chance.

Here , we will only see how you can get it free.

  1. Visit this promo page.ashampoo-office-free
  2. After filling the email details, and you will recieve a mail in your email account. You need to click on activation link in that mail . After you click the link in mail, another email will be sent to your email address with the license keys.
  3. You can download Setup here and use the key obtained above to activate ashampoo office.

[Download Ashampoo office setup file here.]

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