How many of you need to print documents or files everyday? And how often you are stuck with your printing queue and you can not even cancel or delete those stuck printing jobs? It happens with almost everyone sometime or other who take prints of documents.

A print request sent to the printer spooler can become stuck in the spooler queue and cannot be deleted. Subsequent print or fax jobs sent to the spooler will not print until the first job is cleared from the spooler queue.

A small utility called Stalled Printer Repair can help you get rid of this problem very easily by purging all the stucked printer jobs and hence you can start printing again.Features :

  • Detect the existence of Stalled Print Jobs.
  • Purge all Stalled Print Jobs on the Printer.
  • Portable Application: does not need to be installed and does not write to the registry.

This is a great utility as it doesn’t need a batch script and everything is automatic. You need just few clicks and your job is done. Give this a try if you get stuck with your printer spooler and print jobs.

Download here.