Most of the Facebook users are least concerned about privacy issues, some due to being ignorant of the consequences and some due to the complexity of privacy settings in it which makes it difficult to change privacy settings at one place. Every Facebook user must change each privacy setting depending on his own level of comfort with them. Sometime back, I talked about some of its privacy settings you cannot control. Today we will talk about how to Control basic personal information you share .

To check out what basic personal information you are sharing, just navigate to privacy control settings of your account. Navigate to Account>> Privacy settings>> Connecting on facebook

Here you can see the default settings from Facebook which sets every option of personal information you share to be visible to “Everyone”

You must change the options to something different than “Everyone”.  At least, personal information such as Work, Education, your current city and hometown etc. to be visible to your friends only. Here is my settings for these options.

If you want more, you can customise each setting to just being visible to you only.

Hope this helps everyone who is ignorant of these default settings or those who can not find these settings. Please share your feedback if you ever checked these settings or changed them.