Yahoo has just released the final version of its popular IM client Yahoo messenger with Facebook chat , Facebook games, twitter integration and much more. Sometime back, I wrote a small post when Yahoo messenger 11 beta version came out. The final version lets you share and update your status, post comments and keep up with your conversations across Facebook, twitter and Yahoo! all from your Messenger.

Today we will talk about how to connect your Facebook and twitter accounts to Yahoo messenger 11. Just browse to your Yahoo messenger preferences by Messenger>> Preferences >> Connected Networks. Here you will see options for managing your Facebook and twitter connections. Just click on either of manage your Facebook or twitter account.

After clicking that, you will be taken to Yahoo account info and there you need to click on “Link” adjacent to your Facebook or twitter account link.

After clicking that, you will be taken to pages similar for authentication process of any app associated with Facebook or twitter. Just provide your username and password to authorize Yahoo messenger to link to your Yahoo or twitter account. After its done, you will see a message confirming that your twitter or Facebook account is now linked to yahoo messenger. You may uncheck the option to share all your updates or other public activity on Yahoo to be shared on either twitter or Facebook.

After the accounts are linked, you can see your Facebook and twitter updates right inside your Yahoo messenger on updates tab. Now your Yahoo messenger can be used to share your updates in one go with twitter and Facebook.

Download Yahoo Messenger 11