Finally Avinashtech Birthday Celebrations ABC3 is Officially Over. Celebrations this year was much bigger than I expected or planned. Honestly, I never expected to be able to grab so many goodies for our readers as our traffic has went down for various reason for last few months. But thanks to enormous support from Forum members Like Mike, Ashwin, Arnab, Grr, Corker, Jeremy, Samuel and many more helped me grab so many giveaways making the count almost reach 50.

Even I was too worried about how I would be able to review all the software’s listed for giveaway and then manage the license keys etc. along with all the back-end work like talking with developers etc., related to grabbing these license keys. But again everyone came to my rescue and helped me in doing the reviews. Apologies if I missed someone’s Name here.

Glad that we reviewed almost every application that we gave away even though not in too much detail but none of the giveaways were just like a paid advertisement. We tried our best and hopefully we were able to do the justice to everyone.

Once again, thanks to everyone who helped me pull this Event successfully and to everyone who participated in this event. And above all, thanks to all the developers who donated the license keys to us for this Annual Event. 🙂

Hope everyone enjoyed it. Winners of the rest of the Giveaways will be announced soon and winners will be receiving the license keys soon after that.

Also, Sorry to everyone if I messed somewhere during all this. I know once I did messed for sure.