Almost every smartphone except android ones come with some form of lock limiting the user from unleashing the full potential of the phone unless its jailbroken or rooted. It is true for all Apple devices and Windows 7 phone devices too. But looks like unlike Apple, Microsoft is taking a different approach to Jailbreaking or unlocking.

The Chevron (Windows Phone 7) team announced on their blog about a new initiative ChevronWP7 Labs.

In collaboration with Microsoft, we (the ChevronWP7 team) will be delivering on our goal to make Windows Phone development more accessible by providing an approved device unlocking solution for a small fee.

This move is perhaps intended to gain more developers attentions so that more apps can be created for the Windows 7 phone platform. At the moment, it is far far behind the Apple App Store and by doing this they may gain more developers attention. Initially, Paypal will be used as a medium for paying fees.

What you think about this move? Even though the move is a big initiative compared to locked Apple devices, still charging for something which should be free is debatable. Many will consider this a  good move. What is your opinion about this? Do you own any Windows Phone or plan to have?