Its another giveaway coming to an end. SOrry for being late in announcing the winners. I just got a bit busy here and there. Anyway, here is the list of winners of Democreator license Giveaway. The winners are chosen based on RANDOM function using Microsoft Excel. Keep in mind that 3 licenses were for Forum members and rest 7 for blog readers. The last three guys in the list are forum members and are choosen using same RANDOM method I talked about.

The license most probably will reach to winners in next 48 hours.  I would like to thank everyone who participated in the draw and Axl who helped me organize it.

Those who missed can get a 40% off discount for DemoCreator by visiting this purchase page if they want to buy Democreator. Just indicate here in comments if you are interested.

PS: Winners should be providing feedback after using this application in the Forum , otherwise they will be disqualified from future giveaways.