Some of us need to often work with multiple screens for our personal and professional work. Even though we can extend our desktop to multiple monitor using the Windows Operating System quite easily, this enhancement does come with limitations as not everything from your single desktop screen is available on these multiple monitors. For getting rid of these limitations and to get a better user experience on on more than one screen, Actual Multiple Monitors can provide you the required tools to maximize the speed and comfort while working with multiple monitors setup.


  • Multi-monitor Taskbar – makes window navigation quick and easy on secondary displays
  • Multi-monitor Task Switcher – cancels the need to turn your attention to the primary display every time you switch between tasks using <Alt+Tab>
  • Multi-monitor background wallpaper – gives additional abilities to customize the desktop background
  • Multi-monitor screen saver – allows running any screen saver in a multi-monitor mode
  • Desktop management tools – provides various tools to manage the multi-monitor desktop efficiently: desktop profiles, desktop icons manager, etc.
  • Desktop mirroring tools – provides various types of desktop mirroring to improve the workflow
  • Advanced multi-monitor window management – speeds up the allocation of windows within the extended desktop

This tool comes with loads of options to customize almost every aspect of it. You can easily manage features like taskbar, Monitor layout settings, Wallpaper, screensaver or the Desktop profiles. You can even add “Exclusions” of different applications or define hotkeys for different applications.

Honestly, I have not tested this application as I do not have more than one monitor. But the features do look great for a application which lets you use multiple monitors without sacrificing any performance or productivity while you work on it. It also comes as a free version with some features limitations and you can even use that if you do not want to use the paid version.


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