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Every time you receive a suspicious mail and are concerned about whether its real email or a phishy one, its difficult for a non-geeky person to identify if the email has arrived from the email address which as claimed in email. Even though there are loads of ways by which you can identify if the [...]


Thanks to Mike (Our Forum MOD), we are giving away 5 license keys of Diskeeper Professional to Avtechies at Forum. Grr, our Forum MOD too, has done a detailed review of Diskeeper Professional 2011 and everyone should read it to see if they need that software for them or not. Unfortunately, the Giveaway is only [...]


I am not a guy who looks at or cares about the temperature rise inside my Computer CPU unless its too hot.  I never tried or even cared about the temperature issues till now. May be I was lucky as I never needed that while using my system. But some users, it may be a [...]


Thanks to a promo by Gorgeous Magazine from Malaysia, you can grab free Kaspersky Antivirus 2011 license key for 6 months. Thanks to tuanyt for the tip, we are sharing it here. The promo involves Liking a Facebook fan page of Gorgeous Magazine and then submitting the Name and email address to get the license [...]

Integrate Twitter into Outlook with TwInbox


I am not sure how many of you use twitter everyday. Also, I am also not sure how many of you use OUTLOOK to read and send emails. These two applications/ tools when combined can be a great combination as you would not need a separate application to use twitter and read/send emails. I know [...]