Integrate Twitter into Outlook with TwInbox


I am not sure how many of you use twitter everyday. Also, I am also not sure how many of you use OUTLOOK to read and send emails. These two applications/ tools when combined can be a great combination as you would not need a separate application to use twitter and read/send emails. I know [...]

WOT Social: protection from Facebook, twitter bad links (Coming soon)


Many Avtechies already use WOT (Web of trust) Addon or extension with their browsers ( Firefox, Chrome etc.). We have already talked about WOT sometime back on Avinashtech. Even though We know that it is not 100% accurate and can be manipulated but in majority of cases, WOT Ratings give a clear picture about the [...]

PhoXo – tiny, fast, easy to use, powerful, free, image and photo editor


If you need to edit images often and you do not want to or afford big image editing software like Photoshop, then PhoXo can be a perfect solution for your day to day Image editing needs. Obviously, its not big in terms of features as compared to a paid product like Photoshop, but it can [...]

Webmail Notifier: Get notified of Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL and more in firefox


Most of us got more than one email accounts, someone even got more than 10 accounts. Every-time you need to login to each account separately to check emails which takes too much time if you got more than 1 email account. A small Firefox addon Webmail Notifier can help you get rid of logging into [...]

Firefox 4 final released with 431,333 downloads and counting


It has been a long wait for Firefox fans for release of Final version of Firefox 4. It took a whopping 12 beta and 2 RC versions to reach the final version. Firefox 4 is now officially available on Mozilla website and can be downloaded there. Before the final version got released officially, many blogs [...]