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Thanks to Mike (Our Forum MOD), we are giving away 5 license keys of Diskeeper Professional to Avtechies at Forum. Grr, our Forum MOD too, has done a detailed review of Diskeeper Professional 2011 and everyone should read it to see if they need that software for them or not. Unfortunately, the Giveaway is only [...]


I am not a guy who looks at or cares about the temperature rise inside my Computer CPU unless its too hot.  I never tried or even cared about the temperature issues till now. May be I was lucky as I never needed that while using my system. But some users, it may be a [...]


Thanks to a promo by Gorgeous Magazine from Malaysia, you can grab free Kaspersky Antivirus 2011 license key for 6 months. Thanks to tuanyt for the tip, we are sharing it here. The promo involves Liking a Facebook fan page of Gorgeous Magazine and then submitting the Name and email address to get the license [...]

Integrate Twitter into Outlook with TwInbox


I am not sure how many of you use twitter everyday. Also, I am also not sure how many of you use OUTLOOK to read and send emails. These two applications/ tools when combined can be a great combination as you would not need a separate application to use twitter and read/send emails. I know [...]


Many Avtechies already use WOT (Web of trust) Addon or extension with their browsers ( Firefox, Chrome etc.). We have already talked about WOT sometime back on Avinashtech. Even though We know that it is not 100% accurate and can be manipulated but in majority of cases, WOT Ratings give a clear picture about the [...]