Download Friend’s Complete Photo Album on Facebook


How many of you are Facebook fans or Facebook users at least? Even if you are not a Facebook user, many of your friends will be. Often you navigate or browse through Pics or Photo Album of your friends, colleagues or family. But there is no option available on Facebook to download the full album [...]

Another Big Giveaway of 100 licenses coming soon

After the last big giveaway of Online armor premium, another big one is cooming. I would be giving away 100 licenses of  ********** to the readers of Avinashtech. The rules will be the same and this time I have taken care that nothing bad happens like what happened with OA giveaway. No coupon codes this [...]

Winners : Daniusoft Media Converter Ultimate Giveaway


Here's another giveaway going passed on and without any hiccups this time. There wont be any scope this time for someone to misuse this giveaway. The winner selection took lot of time this time. Someone may ask why? If you guys have read my post carefully, I had written that quality of posts can influence the selection [...]

Grab Genuine Winrar 3.8, Winutilities Pro and PDF to Word Convertor for FREE


Sometime I do think I should post less freebie posts. But I cant help it seems. Anyway, today I am again posting three Freebies at once. All these three are great utilities and you can grab them free. I thought of Posting it later as per my posting schedule , but then thought may be [...]

Facebook adds a new Privacy Control with everything You share


It seems Facebook is adding some new Privacy controls after it faced criticism over the recent Privacy policy changes and some changes with the default settings making them more visible to public by default unless you change it. Just today , I found a new privacy Control box just at the place you share anything [...]

What’s bad about Avinashtech? Any Changes needed?


This post may seem odd to many. May be posts like this are rarely seen over the web as far as I have seen. Correct me if I am wrong. So what this post is all about? I would just make it a simple and small post. I would like to hear from you guys [...]

Synchronize your Firefox bookmarks, history, tabs and passwords wherever you go.


There are many Addons available with Firefox that do the work of maintaining your bookmarks well, but none of them offer you the ability to sync open tabs, history, passwords, preferences, and Firefox 3's advanced Location Bar (often called Awesome Bar) data. Weave is the first Addon doing something like the  things I talked about [...]

Safe practices while using Instant Messengers(IM)


Today I am going to talk about something so simple but yet too important. I wont be talking about any software or application tool today. I will just talk about few small things that can keep you protected from Phishing, Malware, Virus attacks etc while you use your Instant Messengers. Even though many of you [...]