How many of you love reading? I bet most of you. As most of us would like to read everything in a very easy to read, clutter-free, scrollable display, but the webpages are not always like that. They are full of other things including advertisements, widgets and much more.

Today we will talk about a small Addon / extension called iReader which makes it very easy to read, clutter-free, scrollable display. It is available for both Firefox and Chrome Browser.

Developers Description

iReader allows you to view news stories and other articles in a single clutter-free page. It strips out the ads and extraneous layout and displays the article in a very easy to read, scrollable display.

How to use

  1. iReader icon only appears whenever a web page is identified as having an article.
  2. Just Click the iReader icon to  open iReader Window.
  3. You can close the iReader view, just click anywhere on the background or iReader icon again.

[Get iReader here]