We have talked about some users facing some issues after upgrading their Apple iOS devices to iOS 5. One of the issues after iOS 5 upgrade that some iPhone users are facing is that their Battery is behaving badly in fact worse for many. Even though the percentage of users who are facing this battery drain issue after iOS 5 upgrade is very less, still it shows that either iPhone users are doing something wrong while upgrading their devices or some bug in iOS 5 that is causing it.

Today we will talk about how to fix these Battery drain issues in iOS 5 or even if there is no Battery drain issue in your iPhone, the tips below can still be helpful to get more Battery life for your iPhone.

1. Reset your network settings by Settings >> Reset >> Reset Network Settings

2. Turn off your Bluetooth radio Settings > General > Bluetooth > Off

3. Turn off Push features that your applications may be using that you don’t need.

4. Selectively turn off Location Services and turn off all system services Location Services features.

5. Selectively turn off applications you don’t need to be notified of that use Notifications. Turn off Weather and Stock notification.

6. Avoid downloading apps that you’re not using or will constantly poll and activate GPS

7. Turn off Diagnostics and Usage in General > About

8. Add a Restriction to iTunes and Ping (if you’re not using these services)

9. Avoid turning on GPS-enabled Reminders when you have Exchange accounts.

10. Turn off iPod Equalizer (Music EQ)

11. Turn off Spotlight features you’re not using

12. Turn off vibration.

13. Turn on Automatic Brightness

14. Use Airplane Mode where there’s no reception.

15. Adjust the Auto-Lock so your screen is not constantly on.

16. When you’re not using your phone, turn off your screen.

17. Disable Notifications & Apps in Notification Center via  Settings > Notifications > Turn OFF for anything you don’t need

18. For battery maintenance, run your phone down to 0% and charge it to 100% while its off, run it down to 0% again, and charge it while its on.

Via: Apple support user dimgl