Today we will talk about a new tuneup utility called SlimCleaner which is still in beta and yet to release the first final version. We have talked about many tuneup utilities before like CCleaner, Glary Utilities etc. and this one looks to match the performance of the best tools available in its category.

Developers Description

SlimCleaner is the world’s first software that lets you clean and optimize Windows systems using a crowd-sourced approach. SlimCleaner uses aggregated-cloud feedback to recommend optimal settings for programs, start-ups and services.

The installation was smooth and no adware, toolbar etc. were bundled with it like many other Freeware programs. When you will run it for first time, you will get a prompt asking you if you want to install a portable version of the tool or not. If you need a portable version, just click yes button and it will do the rest.

You will be amazed at the number of options or Tabs it provides you. The interface is quite simple and most important thing, It is too simple and not complicated. Everything is categorized and arranged very well which makes it very easy to find the relevant option for anyone.

The first tab on the right comprises of three sub tabs on the right namely Windows, Applications and browsers. On each tab, you will find loads of options which you can select or deselect.

One thing you will find different here is instead of giving you  a option directly, it gives you a analyse tab and you need to run that to see what can be done on your system to improve its performance.

When you hit the analyse button, SlimCleaner gives a small report which tells you detailed view of items on your system which can be cleaned. Just use “run cleaner” button to clean your system.

The second Tab on main column is Optimise, which can be used to optimise your system by fine tuning Startup items, services etc. It gives you a detailed info on Startup items along with community ratings. You can just select the services which you want to remove from the Startup.

Second tab gives you list of “Services” along with the settings, it provides you a option to change it to manual mode. You can just use the “Supercharged” button to optimise your services settings.

SlimCleaner gives a option to restore your settings if you feel that you did something wrong.

It also provides you a tool within to shred your sensitive data or files. It provides you four options to shred your files. Keep in mind, the larger number of passes you select, the larger time it will take to complete the process of shredding the file or data. Also, you wont be able to recover it once you shred a file.

It also provides you inbuilt Uninstaller, a hijack logger which you can use to uninstall any application on your system and to check if everything is all right on your system using hijack log respectively.

Apart from all these, it also got inbuilt interface for common windows tools like system properties, control panel, Disk Manager and much more.

I was able to use it quite easily and it was able to do everything it claims for. Give it a try and you would love it.

Again, A word of Caution. If you are not sure of what you are doing with a tuneup utility, Ask someone who is experienced or ask at Avinashtech Forum.

[Download SlimCleaner]