I don’t like Internet Explorer, I prefer the minimalist Google Chrome. It’s easier to maintain a less complexity software than other with more functionality. But if we have to be fair, the majority of the problems you face working with this browser are created by external sources.

There are a lot of software that can be included in IE browser to extend its functionality. For example toolbar, viewers, and other sort of plugin.

So, why not having ways to know if something is wrong with this extensions ?

Check The Load Time Of Toolbar’s and Extensions

Maybe you don’t know that when you open a new browser window or tab, Internet Explorer IE has to use some time to load the extensions. This is one of the main reason why the browser become slower with the time.

So why not check the time an extension take to load?:

Go to the Tools menu and select Manage Add-ons:

In this window select Toolbars and Extensions:

Now we can see how much time this extension take to load on the Load time column:

So, it’s very easy to disable the Add-ons that are slowing your Internet Explorer.

Loading Internet Explorer  IE Without Add-ons

Internet Explorer offers us the possibility to load the program without plugins. This is the better way to be sure that your extensions are not doing something wrong.

There are several ways to start Internet Explorer using this mode but I think that the easier is:

Go to your start menu, Search programs and files:

Type no add-ons and press Enter:

Now you can start using Internet Explorer.