How many of you still love Windows XP just like me? I bet many of you are still to shift to Windows 7. There are loads of reasons which still makes us use XP instead of the latest operating system from Microsoft, Windows 7. Anyway, today we will be talking about a small tool which can let you speed up your windows XP even more by just using a click.

Safe XP is a very small tool but having great set of options which lets you disable unneccessary services, remove shortcuts you dont use and customise some of the deeper technical options like some network options, Internet explorer options, TCP/IP options etc. All these result in a significant amount of speed increase.


  • It allows you to take control of your PC.
  • Make Windows to run faster and more secure.
  • Protect your privacy and strength Internet protection.
  • Disable Spyware-like activities of Windows XP (also 2000&ME&98) Operating System, Media Player, Internet Explorer and Outlook.
  • Disable unnecessary Windows services like System updates, error reporting and much more…
  • Prevent Internet attacks, any RPC/DCOM related vulnerabilities and fix exploits like DSO.
  • Disable script-based attacks on Windows Media Player, Internet Explorer and Outlook.
  • Block Windows Messenger (spam) vulnerabilities.
  • Restrict the actions of potentially dangerous “HTA” (Hypertext Application) capabilities in any version of Windows.
  • It does not need any DLL or another file(s). It is just a single “EXE” file: SafeXP.exe
  • No installation necessary.

As this involve changing the system settings which sometime go weird, hence it also offers a option to restore settings or backup settings letting you restore your system back to previous settings. It also provides a recommended settings option which checks the default options and you can use it if you are not sure about these options.

Give it a try if you are still using Windows XP. We would love to hear from you the feedback. Use comments below to share your feedback.