Well we’ve all have had problems toggling between messengers when some of our online friends are on Gtalk ,some on Yahoo , some on MSN .Here we have a software that will show all three of these and some additional networks also of your accounts’ information about who is online and let you chat simultaneously with yahoo,gtalk and MSN buddies. Pidgin (some linux users might have already heard that name),but it also exists for windows so I thought I’ll let you know.

Once you download and install the software you will get a window like this
Click on Add button a window pops up
Fill in the required information about your gmail account and click Ok.
Repeat the same procedure for the Yahoo and the MSN account.

3After you done entering the info about all the accounts make sure  all the accounts are checked as shown above.After you log in you will be able to see friends online on all your accounts and chat with them.

You can download the Pidgin from here.

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