Nokia today announced Nokia Lumia 510 in India, the cheapest in Lumia series. Lumia 510 will be priced at a price band of less than Rs 11,000 INR (~$205) which is a high demand segment in price sensitive Indian Mobile market. Indian smart-phone market is too price sensitive and looks like Nokia has broken the price barrier of 10K INR with some great hardware and features with Windows Phone as its operating system.

Nokia Lumia 510

Hardware and Specifications

Lumia 510 comes with 4-inch WVGA (800×480) Capacitive, Multi-touch display with a 5-mega-pixel auto-focus rear camera and is powered by 800 MHz Qualcomm Snapdragon Processor. The phone comes with only 256 MB of RAM which may result in some sluggish performance if you use some memory intensive apps or play some high end graphics game on your Phone.

Storage Capacity

In terms of internal storage, it comes with an onboard internal storage capacity of 4GB  But if you check the properties of the Phone, the available storage was shown less than 3 GB (The unit which i had access to during the launch event).

Lumia 510 Hardware- storage

No SD card/ External Memory Support

The bad part is, there is no SD Card support and hence you can’t use a SD card to expand your storage, even though you can use the cloud storage services like Skydrive or Box to have more on the go storage. Obviously for that you need a great and cheap connectivity on your phone like 3G or 4G connection. When it comes to good connectivity in India, we all know that 3G network and penetration in India is too poor even if we leave aside the hefty charges for these.

Upgrade to Windows Phone 7.8 Only, No Windows Phone 8

Nokia promises to upgrade Lumia 510 operating system from Windows Phone 7.5 to Windows Phone 7.8 as and when Microsoft releases an update for it. The bad news is, Lumia 510 can not be upgraded to Windows 8 ever, just as all the existing Nokia Lumia devices.

Micro SIM

You need to get a Micro SIM from your telecom provider if you plan to buy Lumia 510. Normal SIM is not supported, but not to worry as almost every service provider does provide Micro SIMs to their customers.

Battery Life

In terms of Battery Life, it comes with a 1300 mAh battery, which may not be sufficient enough if you are a more than moderate user of smartphones. We would hopefully be testing this device soon and we can then talk about how much the battery lasts in real usage conditions. But if we go even by the Lumia 510 own estimates about the battery life, a full charge can last for a maximum of 1 day and 14 hours (check the screenshot above).

Lumia 510 Battery life

Price in India

Nokia plans to sell it at a price of less than 11,000 INR, but we do hope that this device will be breaking the price band of 1o,000 INR (~$200)soon after its launch which is due in next two weeks.


Flipkart is selling Lumia 510 now at Rs. 9999.