One of the major reasons which are leading many users of Apple devices to postpone the upgrade to device is the non-availability of Unthered Jailbreak for iOS 5 and compatibility issues of Cydia tweaks and Apps with iOS 5. A tethered Jailbreak for iOS 5 device is already available though except for iPad 2, which means you need to boot your device using your computer every time you restart your device. Even those users who are tempted to use the tethered jailbreak for their devices are postponing it till all their cydia tweaks and apps are not compatible with upgrade.

A  List of 250+ Cydia Tweaks, Apps Compatibile with iOS 5 is being compiled by one twitter user @The_Ben using the Google Docs by putting a excel sheet with information like App name, its version, compatibility and any other information that is being associated with that App. The list is available as a Google Doc and available online.

The list is inserted below for anyone to view. Check a look at it and see if all your favorite Cydia Apps and tweaks are compatible with upgrade. The list is being maintained by the twitter user right now and if you want to edit something to it, you need to ask him using the Share button available on the document. The list is being updated daily and you can keep looking at it in future too to check if more apps are being added in this list.

So, have you already jailbroken your device like iPhone using the tethered jailbreak that is available right now? I am still waiting for untethered jailbreak and will stick with version 4.3 till it comes out. Also, As most of you, tethered jailbreak is not applicable for iPad 2. Share your feedback here.

Via: iphoneitalia