Till now, Lastpass password manager is one of the best password managers available to most users for free unless you wanted mobile access too. Even getting that mobile access was not that expensive and costed just $12 a year which lets you sync and access all your passwords on any device. Now with increase in number of smartphone users, Lastpass is changing its premium model of subscription to a freemium kind of subscription.


Through their blog, they announced that  new users can get started with LastPass for free on any device, including mobile devices. Even though this announcement appears great from consumer point of view, there is a small catch. This small catch is that how you can use it for free on :

  • unlimited desktops OR
  • unlimited smartphones OR
  • unlimited tablets

This is where it gets confusing. As it appears (notice OR carefully), you wont be able to sync your passwords that you saved on a mobile device on a desktop or even tablet. Similarly, you can’t sync your passwords that you saved on desktop to mobile devices or tablets. The confusion here is, do we need to use three separate accounts for using last pass on Desktops, tablets or mobile devices ? Whether we will be able to access passwords stored in your accounts from other devices or not using the web browser?

I am a lastpass user for years including premium subscription in between. This new model appears more confusing to me and may in fact confuse most users which can result in bad name for the application. We still believe the premium subscription is great if you want to get access to all your passwords across all devices, yet the free model will work for most. We hope that they clarify a bit more on this or someone from our readers can throw some light here.

Source and Image Credits: Lastpass Blog