If you are a lastpass user and have read my last post about a possible issue with lastpass, then you may have been forced to change your Master Password as a security and precautionary measure. Read our previous post for more details. Some users are facing some issues after password change like they are being locked out of their accounts or their stored passwords are missing when they sign in.

This may happen if the user has changed the password but the old data (before the password change) is still on their system or computer. To resolve this issue, try re-login and clear your local cache from inside lastpass plugin by navigating to LastPass>> Tools>> Clear Local Cache. This solution will work for even users who are facing some issues like old passwords being produced by lastpass etc. If this too doesn’t fix it, contact Lastpass support and they will be able to fix it for you.

You can access your data via LastPass in offline mode or by downloading LastPass Pocket : https://lastpass.com/misc_download.php (choose your OS).

Update from Last Pass:

Logging in offline should be working everywhere if you have logged in using that client before, if you’re having problems with this please attempt to login via the website: https://lastpass.com/?ac=1 that should now take you through an email process to enable your current IP.

If you’re having problems getting your data with pocket, make sure you’re selecting to login to the local file, not logging in at LastPass.com.

If you changed your password and are now having problems we’ll help with that too, please email us if that’s the case and include your LastPass email address.

For those who haven’t been prompted, and have continued to use LastPass without issue — we’ve judged the risk to be low if you’re using the same IP — we’re only raising the issue once that changes.

Finally if you have issues with password changes please email us at [email protected], we can revert you, or we can pull data from backups, but please try LastPass Icon -> Clear local cache first.

I still love the way Lastpass works and its good that they took loads of precautionary measure even if they felt its not a big issue. If you are a lastpass user, do share your feedback here.