How to install Ubuntu in VMware Player

This post and Video below is in response to a request from Avinashtech Forum members Grr and Ashwin. In the video, I have tried to make instructions as detailed as possible on how to install Ubuntu in VMWare Player which ofcourse is a free tool.

I wont be writing much here as everything is available in you tube video below. JUst that you will need to download VMWare Player and Ubuntu from their respective download sites. Install VMWare player just like you install any other window application.

You can download VMWare Player here.

I would love to hear some feedback or suggestions about what more we can have it in the youtube video.

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  1. Nice video Avi ,Thanks

    I used default settings to install Ubuntu on my HDD.

    Used 5 gb. works fine as you know it 😉

  2. Hi, I say like everyone else in here. Nice video!
    Was kind of you to highlite important things for beginners.
    I have been using VMware player a few times on my laptop but had some issues with the cursor, so prefer to use VirtualBox instead. Don’t really know what it is that makes it difficult in activate the cursor when leaving the screen and go back in but will see.

    I found this page recently, don’t know if that could be something for your video or appropriate for another video perharps…
    Just a small’s based on Grub but seems like a very interesting bootloader for start the computer directly into a virtual machine. Myself haven’t tested this kind of things before so don’t know how it is to use it 🙂

    But hey Avinash, don’t forget that MacBuntu thing from
    Would be nice to end it with 😉

    • Thanx Emil. I created this video first time using Camtasia. Was a difficult job as I am not used to Video creation tools.

      Regarding your cursor issues, it may be gone if you install the VMwaretools from the VMWare player menu.

      I will try to have a look on “Macbuntu” thing when i have free time. Also, I will stay away from VMboot until I am sure of it as i had few bad experiences with GRUB.

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