One of the small issues that I faced with Windows 7 is the Auto Sleep mode, which puts your system or PC into sleep or hibernation automatically if you don’t use it for some time. Even though this sleep mode is good for most people, its a problem if you are downloading a big file and you want your PC to stay ON instead of Going to sleep. I wrote a small post talking about how to disable Auto sleep mode in Windows 7.

Now even in Windows 8, this issue is still there and we need to fix it for people like me who want their system to not go in Auto sleep mode even if they dont use it for quite some time. In this post, we will talk about how to fix it for Windows 8. The steps and procedure is almost same with some minor difference due to changes in GUI of Windows 8.

Disable or Turn-off Auto Sleep Mode

You need to navigate to your PC “Power Options” in Control Panel” of Windows 8. You can reach there by Right clicking at the bottom left corner of screen to get Administrative tools window. Just click on Control Panel in that.

After that, just click on “Power options” and there just click on change plan settings to the option that is selected.

In the next window, you just need to change theoption of ” Put the computer to sleep” to “Never” or a time period that suits you, may be 4 hours or more.

Note: If you can not see Power options in control panel, just change the view of control panel to show view by small or large icons instead of by category at the top corner of the control panel window.


Save the settings and you are done. Next time it wont go into sleep mode or hibernation if you are downloading a big file or have left your system untouched for long time.