It looks like freebies have started raining again. Here we will talk about how to grab Genie Backup Manager Home 7 for FREE using a promo and thanks to Ashwin for notifying me. Even though, the latest version available is 8 but version 7 will be good enough for most of us if we are getting it for free.


Complete System Backup
Genie Backup Manager Home includes the option to backup your complete system so you can recover from a failure

Safe Remote Backups

Safeguard your data from natural disasters and system failures to a secure offsite storage location

Backup locked & open files
Ensure business continuity without the need to close files or applications during backup

Backup your documents, music, video, photos, and e-mails

Protect your memories, music, critical documents, and business email easily

Protect your applications
Choose from a wide range of Unlimited FREE Plugins to backup and recover your installed applications

Automated Scheduled Protection

Set backups to run automatically at preset times, when the user is logged off, or on system startup

To Grab Genie Backup Manager Home 7 for FREE, you need to visit the promo page and then fill out the details like email address, name etc.

After you submit the details, the license and download details will be sent to your email instantly. Here is the direct download link though for Genie Backup Manager Home v 7.

Via : [4-Free]