Most of readers of Avinashtech know about a rule here which asks for a compulsory feedback from giveaway winners. Today I will talk in brief why I ask for that. This rule may seem bad for many as they dont like something compulsory and treat it as a inconvenience to them. Now I would put my view point here about the giveaways and this rule which disqualifies people from future giveaways who do not provide feedback.

There are few things which these feedbacks provides:

  1. Good feedback whether positive or negative provides a whole lot of information for software vendors to incorporate the feedback in their new version and it helps in improving the product.
  2. Due to the reason stated in Point 1, software vendors are tempted to provide more number of FREE licenses to us next time and which means more giveaways here and more licenses for you guys.

Obviously, you many can fool me using another email or IP or something else, but I don’t think, providing a small feedback is a tough job for anyone. Even a single line feedback helps.

You can have a look at feedback provided by giveaway winners here in the Forum.

I am using this post to remind those giveaway winners once again to provide feedback as I don’t want to disqualify them for next big giveaway which is 100 licenses of a good application. Yes you read it right. Its 100.