Some time back I have written about  virtual CD/DVD drive tools like Daemon tools lite and Gizmo Drive which provide capabilities for backing up your physical CD/ DVD and Blu-ray discs into disc image files  letting you run directly from your hard drive, flash drive or network instead of your physical CD/DVD drive.

Now, Thanks to Giveaway of the day you can download Daemon tools Pro standard for FREE. Normally it costs ~$29.95, but today for next ~23 hours you can grab it for free .

Key features:

  • performs auto update;
  • creates *.iso, *.mdx and *.mds images using preset profiles;
  • emulates up to 16 CD/DVD/HD DVD/Blu-ray drives;
  • performs image mounting to physical folders;
  • compresses images;
  • protects image with password;
  • manages image collection’s;
  • monitors virtual devices’ properties;
  • offers friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI).

DAEMON Tools Pro supports the following media types image files:

  • b5t (BlindWrite images)
  • b6t (BlindWrite images)
  • bwt (BlindRead images)
  • ccd (CloneCD images)
  • cdi (DiscJuggler images)
  • cue (Cue sheets)
  • iso (Standard ISO images)
  • mds (Media Descriptor Files)
  • nrg (Nero images)
  • pdi (Instant CD/DVD images)
  • isz (Compressed ISO images)

Download DAEMON Tools Pro Standard for free here.