We have talked about why you need VPN in our posts related to Free VPN. But as we all know, free VPNs come with loads of limitations like too slow speed and bandwidth limit. To overcome these limitations we need premium or paid VPN. Today we will be talking about FBVPN and will be giving away 50 FBVPN 6 months accounts to Avtechies, thanks to Nickle Smith, CEO at FBVPN.

FBVPN offers three types of accounts Personal, business and enterprise with each having a bit of difference in what they offer. Personal accounts come with a shared IP whereas business accounts come with a static IP. Similarly Enterprise account provide more features.

We will focus on personal account here. Even the personal account is of three types and the level of encryption varies from 128 bits, 256 bits & 2048 bit encryption depending on what plan you choose. The cheapest personal account i.e standard account comes with 128 bit encryption and unlimited bandwidth.

The best thing that comes with FBVPN is the unlimited bandwidth and unlimited speed. You are restricted only by your connection speed and not by FBVPN. So if you have 2 MBPS connection, then while using FBVPN you wont feel a drop in your browsing speed. Also, as the bandwidth is unlimited, hence you should not be worried about using it anytime due to your bandwidth expiring.

I tested FBVPN with a test account and first thing I did was to open HULU in my browser to check if it plays. I was able to open Hulu and browse it without any issues. After that I played few episodes of some TV serials and it played smoothly without even a single pause. (Keep in mind, I tested it on a connection of 2 MBPS speed). Also, it supports almost every device that you can own starting from Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, iPad, Android devices etc. and provide detailed step by step tutorial to set up FBVPN on these support platforms with screenshots.

They do have a proper Privacy policy in place. Also, they do not store private information about individual user activities on our network, such as emails, chats, VOIP calls, websites visited, etc.


We are giving away FBVPN 6 months accounts to Avtechies. For being eligible to participate in contest/draw, you need to do the following:

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Giveaway is open for next four days.