Most Apple Device owners today are busy with upgrading their Apple devices to the latest version iOS 5. Even though the upgrade process is pretty simple using the iTunes, some users are facing issues after upgrading their Apple devices. One of these issues that get cropped up after the upgrade is that Wifi is not working on their device. Some users have reported this on Apple support communties too.

my ipod touch’s wifi was working perfectly fine before updating to the new iOS 5, now i cannot select it in settings its grey and says “No WiFi”

Same issue here with a Verizon iPhone… not sure what happened.  I’m going to call the Apple Store tomorrow and see what they think.

Here is a simple fix to to solve the issue of “No WiFi” after the iOS 5 upgrade.

Users having this issue must try resetting their network settings. Network settings can be found under Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. Settings path may vary depending on your device. Most often resetting the Network settings will fix the issue after the iOS 5 upgrade as sometimes updates to mess with some settings and clearing them out/resetting up the affected account or setting that is broken usually will fix it unless something is terribly wrong.