Many of you may have noticed i have written many articles about Web hosting and on some of guidelines on how to choose the best to suit your needs. There are many ways to do that and i have talked about few of them. Today i will talk about another one. I will talk about which helps you to select web hosting for your website or blog by comparing different parameters, performance and individual reviews.



Before we go thru how to select a web hosting, lets just talk in brief about different types of webhosting available in broad sense.

1. Shared Web Hosting

This is the most basic type where a single server host too many websites and the server resources are shared with all those numerous websites hosted on that server. Here you share the same IP. This type of web hosting cost few dollars per month and is the cheapest one but got its own share of disadvantages associated. In short, everyone starts with this type of webhosting when the blog/site is new and low traffic.

2. Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting

It is same as shared hosting but here you have guaranteed resources available for you along with total control on your server. Its a bit costly compared to shared hosting.

3. Dedicated Server Hosting

Itsbasically like only your website is hosted on a single dedicated server with full control over it by you. Its the costliest option and you need to manage it on your own until you are on a managed server.

WEBHOSTINGRATING – helping you choose best Web hosting lets you select website hosting to suit your needs.  On home page, you will find “Top 10 Web Hosting Providers – Best Web Hosts 2009” according to their rating along with a comparision table in terms of  price traffic and individual web host review.

It also categories the best web Hosting with categories like Linux hosting, Windows hosting, VPS hosting , Dedicated hosting etc. It also categories web hosting with respect to the platform you use like wordpress, php, Joomla, Drupal, Vbulletin, b2evolution etc. All this makes the choice of web hosting much easier as many times the web hosting is not optimised for your particular platform your log is on. Also, the quality of customer support you get is mostly dependent on the the platform they support.

The site also contains some nice articles in its web hosting guide which can clear many questions which frequently bother guys who are confused while selecting a new web hosting. It also talks about how to secure your website and protect it along with many other articles and tutorials.

Check it out if you are searching for a new webhost.