Facebook has always been hands and glove with controversies due to its Privacy policies and frequent privacy changes which make them much more complicated for a normal user to take full control of. Even though they claim everytime that the Privacy changes let the user control their privacy easier and simple than before but in reality they get more complicated. Today we will talk about some Privacy settings on which you got no control and it displays the way it want the information to appear on it.

1. Name, Profile picture, Gender and Networks

No matter how much deep you digg into your privacy settings, you can not hide your Name, Profile picture, Gender and Networks from anyone. This information is available to everyone which includes search engines and anyone else in the world. I am quoting it from Facebook Privacy FAQ page.

The amount of information that’s open to everyone has been limited to your name, profile picture, gender and networks.

Also, here is how it defines “Everyone

When you share or publish content to “Everyone,” anyone on the internet will be able to view it. This includes people who are not your friends on Facebook, and people who are not in your school or work networks. You should use this setting to publish content that you are comfortable making open to anyone.

2.  You cannot completely turn off recent activity stories

Yes, you read that right. If you do anythin like using a like button on Facebook or some website, you cannot hide it from others. Here’s another quote from Facebook Privacy FAQ

You cannot completely turn off recent activity stories anymore. However, if you want to remove a particular story that currently shows up, simply click the “Remove” button that appears to the right of the story after you move your mouse over it.

3. View the wall and Post on wall settings are combined to one

If you want to distinguish between friends who can see your wall posts and those who can post too on your Facebook Wall, you can not do that. Its like, if you allow someone to view your wall, then he can post on your wall too. You cannot seprate the two settings. Many of us would like to see a different setting for both and not both being clubbed as one.

I was just able to find these settings which are almost out of your control. Rest of the features can be controlled either partially or fully in one way or the other. If any of you found something else that I missed, put that in the comments below and we would love to incorporate that here.